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Rainbow are the meteor!

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1 month ago
Rainbow means HOPE.

“There is always a rainbow after the rain”

These are the words that I always said to myself. I always bark up a wrong tree when I have so many struggles in life because I didn’t know where I will go when I don’t have any person can lean on.  I was walking in the street when I see a woman with a child in her shoulder. She is just like my mother with the long black hair. I cry over spilt milk because I want to reminisce something in my past.  A way to my dormitory I saw a dark spirit again as usual because of my gifted and catastrophic powers. These powers are cursed for me because it destroyed my whole life. I don’t know why the High Being gave me this kind of talent. But as I remembered I inherited it to my father.Back to the way in my dormitory, I was shocked when an old man holds my hand and he whispered in my ears

“Don’t use your talent it is a cursed”.

    I ran so fast in my room because I was so afraid that time. I locked myself in my room to escape from the old man. So to lessen my stress, I open my blog.

When I saw my blog, someone comments my first blog.

He said “Can you introduce yourself?” So I replied to him

 “Ok as you wish”.

Hannah Kang Santos

  My name is Hannah Kang Santos.

I have fair complexion. I am 23 years old and single. I am 6ft tall. I am not totally rich but I am in the middle class family. I lived in Batangas City, Philippines. I am Half Korean and Half Filipino.  After I introduced myself to one of my co-bloggers I slept because I am so tired in my part time work.As I closed my eyes, I see the darkness that covers my whole body. I am so afraid and terrified that time. I was like walking in the dark forest that full of darkness. I heard screams, whispering and murmuring in that place. When I saw the light, I follow it but I was fall in a hole.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH What the heck!  My alarm clock seems to ring again so loudly.  I scream so loud that time that every person in the dormitory was waking up because of me.

I said to myself “Hannah don’t be ever dream again!” while slapping my face. I go to the bathroom to wash off my body. I am ready for my work.

First of all, I am working at a call center agent. This is not an easy job because it is so hard to work, when you are not good in speaking English in this kind of work. When I am in front of the elevator, I saw an old man again but instead of going to the elevator I’ll go to the stairways. So I’m in my table right now and ready for my work.

Morning view.

“Hello, Good Morning Sir! How can I help you?”

These are just like a routine for me, and I am so tired in this kind of life.

After the work, I’ll go to the supermarket to buy groceries for myself. When I am in the Supermarket, I saw the shadow of a girl when I touch the shadow I saw the girl will die because of an accident. But I ignore the girl’s life because every one of us will die someday and I will not help them. So I finished buying my staples then I go to my dormitory again. I saw a dark shadow in front of my house, it is not the usual shadow but a very dark shadow. It’s not just one but they are a lot.

So I ran rapidly to my room and locked it. I felt the trauma again when I was in elementary school.

Bryan Mendoza Dela Cruz

Back to my very tragic past, when I was in elementary level, I have a best friend his name is Bryan Mendoza Dela Cruz. He is from Quezon Province. He is my best friend. As I just remembered he is always the positive one who always said to me that “Every cloud has a silver lining”. So I felt comfortable when I am with him. For me Bryan is my first love, but I didn’t realize that it is an infatuation.

When we are in the playground, we are playing baseball. I saw a shadow of death inside of him.I felt uncomfortable with that. So I touched it, I saw that Bryan will die because of a car accident. I told to her mom that Bryan will die because of car accident.

“Please believe in me! Bryan will die!”

But her mother said “Are you out of your mind? My son will not die!”

“No your son will die! Please don’t leave!” I said to his mother while crying.

    She didn’t listen to me. So I heard the loudly sound.

“WEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWOOOOOOO”, the sound of an ambulance. That time I felt that I was destroyed. I felt the darkness and monster inside of me. So I scurried to my room and cried. My father said to me that time “Everything will be alright”. But for me it is not alright.BTW, my father’s name is William Santos. He is 43 years old. He is a secretive person because he always go to some places that we didn’t know. I can’t remember and reminisce all of my past when I was elementary clearly because of my trauma. Then back again to the R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. The word that I didn’t wanted to exist. I didn’t want that word to be created in this world.

I wish that all of the things happened in my life is just a dream.

The sign of confusion

“I don’t know what to do!” “I don’t know what to say!!” these are the lyrics of the song that marked in my heart.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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