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Bixby in the Soul's Wonderland

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4 days ago

2018 graduates soon!

As we started in the new journey of our life. As I remembered a lot of things and learnings.

Way back 2016, I open my new chapter in new school which is Bixby Knolls Preparatory Academy. Bixby Knolls Preparatory Academy is located at Barangay Loob, San Antonio, Quezon. This is my Senior High Life Story.

As far as I know , when ny two feet marked on this institution I encountered a lot of events and hardships. In my first day of school at this academy, I am so sober. It is so hard for me to cope up with new ambiance. New faces, new teachers, new school and new experiences.

One teacher greeted me all in front of the class. He is Mr. Gomez. He is our adviser for the 11th grade.

Pajama party! Bring it on.

One of the most vital events in my 11th grade is pajama party. Pajama party is an event where in we will formed a circle and we will reflects a lot of things. Our teacher said something about our parents that makes us all cried. Yeah I cried but not so much. Pajama party is not just a party where in you can bring your best pajama but this event teach all of us the students on how to reflect life. Life is not always butterflies and rainbows that there is a unicorn and more candies. Life is full of struggles and barriers that we must face. That's the essence why there is a pajama party in our school.

Bank of the Philippines.

Second event that I can't forget is the field trip. I learned a lot in this field trip. First we go to the Malacañang palace. I discovered a lot of things on how the history of the philippines takes place. I saw a lot of vital things that our presidents have during their reign. Second we go to the bank of the philippines. This is the amazing part of the field trip. I saw a lot of Filipino coins from the oldest currency to recent currency. The value of the coins is impeccable. I was so shocked because most of the coins are made up of golds. Also, we watched on how to make money. There's a lot of processes on how to make money. Money is a hard thing to do because our country needs to buy some materials abroad. The bank of the Philippines need to put some code or sign of authenticity. Lastly is Techno Park. I love this park. I saw a lot of robots and on how to make computers. Technology is the best things that you can find in this park. In conclusion I learned a lot of things that I can used in the nearer future.

In this institution, When our thesis started my life become changed to hard ones. Thesis is my kryptonite during tjst time. I have a lot of eyebrows give in this thing. As far as I remembered, I am always go to my home late in the evening. One thing that I don't like is my face become full of pimples and it so hard for me to face people that time.

My stress levels become so high unlike before I can sleep at least eight hours per day but that time I can only sleep four hours. Everyday we need to pass something from our teacher and I forgot that I am the leader of the research. After months of working, finally we finished plus we don't have defense. I am so happy with the result of my thesis. My hardships didn't go in vain. I just wanna thank Lord for all the impossible things and blessings that He gave to me.

I am part of that!

What are the learnings you can share for us?

First don't afraid to learn new things. Learning new things helps us to started great things. Remember that there is always a beginning for everything we want in our life. Second is having courage to take risks. Finding our courage to take risks help us to become more mature enough in handling our challenges in life. Third is being determined. They said that determination is the key to success. Fourth is always trust God. God is the reason why we are here. Giving honour and glory is the best exchange that we can give to our Lord Jesus Christ. Lastly perseverance. Don't give up because Lord is always there to helps us.

What can you share to all students who will be new at 11th grade?

Always believe in God because God is the ruler of this world. Nothing is impossible with our God. He can do anything. Don't forget to wear your own crown. It means be confident as always. Being confident doesn't mean you must be boastful but humble. Also, have perseverance in all of your tasks or goals. You can do it!!!.

Don't forget to SMILE!

That's all..It's only just my 11th grade story! God Speed.

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Written by   22
4 days ago
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