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BCH Clear Path: Freedom!

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2 years ago

Thinking that many times we are in a society, under rules and laws that allow us to socialize and grow protected, it is one of the premises to join or shelter under this doctrine, our parents teach us values ​​that make you respect society, but if the society and the rules are adequate to only benefit one group. Do you want to live in that society?

Freedom must be respected, and it must be for everyone, otherwise I will be rebellious, but not for wanting to oppose or divide groups. It is a constructive rebellion against behaviors of disloyalty, hypocrisy, insolvency, social injustice, lack of respect for nature and human life.

In Venezuelan society where many legal instruments only protect groups from power and their long term political status, you have to choose between being submissive or rebellious, but to be rebellious you do not necessarily have to take a gun or threaten those who violate your freedom, you can do it by creating your own independence, for me Bitcoin Cash is a form of independence.

Not using devalued Fiat money is a form of independence, stopping using bank accounts in which you do not have the control of your money is frustrating, with Bitcoincash you have freedom without limitations.

How much time have you invested in your life to make a cash deposit or withdraw what you are allowed in a bank? I have spent a lot of time that I could invest in other things, with BitcoinCash you can forget about these long waits.

The Bitcoincash is money without limitations, in many banks to access the system you must carry your identification and show them your place of residence, they also ask you for a minimum amount of money to deposit in the account they assign you, all under a conditional form of use. On the other hand, with Bitcoin Cash with just a few satoshis less than $ 0.01, you can already be a holder of the cryptocurrency and enjoy its benefits, freedom of use.

You can feel protected from any internal manipulation, Bitcoin Cash is decentralized and incorruptible, there will always be threats and those who want to manipulate the project proving to be the official or only source of the BCH but they are far from the real spirit of the project, it is normal and As a community we must fight against these actors.

It is a project that is protected and endorsed by an incredible community of developers and leaders around the world, who offer their talent and their vision in favor of freedom.

We have a cryptocurrency that reflects its essence in practice as defined by its White paper, Bitcoin Cash does not require offering alternative systems to its blockchain (lighting) to execute transactions efficiently.

Protecting it from any conditioning by a group or corporation depends on the actions we carry out every day, occupying spaces for discussion about its use, promoting the message, the daily use of BCH in our lives, spending BCH and offering opportunities for others to obtain BCH is super important, actions that allow us to avoid any fact of advantage or condition conducive to incrementalism and the exchange of sovereignty for convenience.

Offering your friends to share Bitcoincash is giving away independence and it is practically free, you can invite them to play a poker tournament with just $ 0.01 at BlockchainPoker.

Make gifts to your friends, you can forget about giving away a Fiat check or money, you can make gifts with paper wallets or with a surprise email loaded with BCH and you can recover them later if they are not exchanged in a timely manner by the end user. It is something very special

You can put your creations or digital service for sale, offering them to the entire world from SatoshiWall for only 10% of the total amount for using their service.

You can buy digital gift cards and software products for your PC or mobile device from Keys4coins, you get instant deliveries via e-mail.

These are some options that allow you to share the freedom to decide what you want to do with the money without depending on absurd rules or laws. Controlling people's money is a form of social manipulation, it is taking away the power to decide when, how and where you want to execute your freedom actions. From our perspective BCH will always be decentralized and permissionless money. You don't need permission to create an address, and you don't need permission to send or receive money. Threats will always want to establish some control and want to be able to restrict how, when and where people can spend their money.

Bitcoin was created to give people control of their own money, so we must never allow this aspect to change. It is Freedom!

To try to do it you need to encourage yourself and feel happy, you don't need to be a rock start, have thousands of followers, or have a radio program, you don't need to have thousands of dollars, you don't need to wait for others to like what you do, just try to be yourself, express your ideas, try to be free, it is incredible what you can achieve.

From my beginnings I never imagined trying to do so many things, I had never edited videos, I had never written an article or I had not given public speeches, but it is really exciting to discuss with people your thoughts, we have even received threats and on the other hand words of thanks, it is a unique experience to observe the surprised face of the users when they observe how fast the use of Bitcoin Cash is.

Without a doubt, being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, and much more when you are in love, it is a relationship that makes you feel sad when everything goes very slow and you only receive complaints or problems, these times of pandemic have been endless, other times very happy when they recognize your effort.

We have received messages from people who want to join the group with really interesting initiatives, perhaps I have not paid attention to them and I owe them an apology, many of the plans were stopped by the pandemic, these shortcomings and problems have slowed down our actions.

We would like to continue growing and I hope to have the community support, since last week my computer monitor was damaged and it is a barrier that I must solve, I hope to overcome this problem soon, although it is something that worries me, I know we can resist a little more although this quarantine has been very hard but for now I just want to remove any thought of surrender from my head.

We never thought it would be easy!

An opportunity!

Show what you are worth

Show what you dream

Show your work

Show your fears

Show what you love

Prove it free!

Thanks Bitcoin Cash!

Sofia 💚

We appreciate any contribution or help for the growth of the group, we do not want to place external addresses in our articles as thanks to Read.Cash , thanks to them our work has been visible to many people and we support the organic growth of this incredible site.

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Written by   732
2 years ago
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Bitcoin Cash is really gain fame... When it attains the stage we want it to get to we would all be glad...

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2 years ago

You write well!

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2 years ago

I agree with every single word you wrote. I loved the fact that you are using BCH as a sign of showing you don't agree with your society. With using BCH you are getting your freedom, helping BCH to grow, and having an harmful rebellion against the corrupted society. I absolutely admire this article.

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2 years ago