Savage Robot Monster Fly.

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2 years ago
Canon T5i, 18-55 kit lens (reversed).

Just wanted to share a photograph of this majestic beast. If you like macro photography, yer always shooting flies, dead or alive.

Macro photography is cheap. Go to Amazon and order a reverse ring that fits your dslr. They usually cost between $3-10. Make sure the filter thread of your lens matches that if the reverse ring.

You are basically ready to go. You must shoot at f8 and above to achieve a decent focus however this requires a flash, usually.

You can use the pop up flash but whatever flash you do use it is pivotal you build a diy diffuser out if cardboard and baking paper. It's best to google a tutorial, it's easy and will vastly improve your images. Without you will get harsh shadows.

Good luck.


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2 years ago