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As the title says I’m a news stringer in Southern California. Previously I was a bounty hunter and private investigator. Due to CV19 I decided on a career change and took up news stringing. I’m in my 30s and have been doing stringing only for a few months now so I still have a lot to learn. For those of you who don’t know what a stringer is, I listen to police scanners, respond to events, and record them. I focus mostly on police activity, car accidents, and fires. I then take that footage I record and sell it to the local news and upload it to YouTube.

I've never had a blog before and I’ve never written any type of article at length so don’t expect good grammar or even proper spelling. But please feel free to comment and call me out so I can learn!

I plan to document my journey here on this website because I think it would be neat to share my experiences in more of a blog style of writing. I hope you guys enjoy some of the craziness that happens here in SoCal.

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