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Winter meme

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1 year ago

Here is my entry of recent Publish0x contest #Publish0xWinterMeme.

Good luck to all.


full details of contest are available in Igor's post.

$200 AMPL reward for a easy task to become one of the winner of this contest.

Come on, folks. Be creative as much as you can and join the contest. 

It is good for more people to become aware of the unique crypto agnostic blogging platform with crypto rewards/tips which called Publish0x.

I am not good at graphic design and worse in creating "essay" for a meme. 

I am sure that you can do much better than me.

Do not be lazy on Christmas / New Year Eve holiday and add your contribution.:)

P.S : Publish0x team also has a good admin with excellent "hammering" skills in Telegram to manage Publish0x's official telegram group. 

Join Publish0x's telegram group.

Memes created by me in Canva.

$ 0.01
$ 0.01 from @TheRandomRewarder
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