Sold tokenized art at 1 million USD

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2 years ago

7 months ago, I posted content about fine arts & antiques are the potential market for cryptocurrency. You can read my old content at this link.

Now it becomes real. A Turkish artist Mr. Murat Pak sold his digital arts as tokenized in Etherium based NFT form. His 269 arts sold totally above 1,000,000 USD value.

It is a milestone in the crypto-based art business.

As you see in the picture, Mr. Pak is not alone in income from the tokenized art sector. Others in top 5 earned $800k to $460k via selling their digital arts as NFT.

Do you still think that earn money only in crypto trading or faucets or crypto blogging?

If you have skills for digital arts, make money from this.

you can find some links below where Mr. Murat Pak sells his tokenized art items.

1 million dollars for an artist is a good income and it is just beginning.

Now it started with ETH-based NFT but it will spread to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash or Ampleforth or others.

Are you talented at digital arts? go for good crypto income.

cover image created by me in Canva.

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