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NEM ( XEM ) launching SYMBOL ( XYM )

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1 year ago

NEM ( ticker XEM ) is well-known coin.

16th rank in Coinmarketcap at a price of 0.25$ / 1350 sat.

$2,252,121,356 USD market cap.

Listed in many major exchanges.

Nem will launch Symbol blockchain on the 14th of January.

All XEM holders in wallets and supported exchanges will have 1 XYM ( Symbol ) for their each 1 Nem ( XEM )

XEM price is 0.2520 USD at the moment of writing this content.

Before Symbol ( XYM ) launch, we can see significant price movements in XEM.

Below is the official link from NEM ( XEM ) about Symbol ( XYM ) launch.

Within 6 years, all XEM coins will be replaced by XYM coin.

It will not be surprised if I will see the price increase during this 32 days period;

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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