First experience with AMPL and Kucoin.

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3 years ago

I opened account in Kucoin long time ago but never used until today.

I start using Kucoin for Ampleforth ( AMPL ).

AMPL is an ERC20 token with its unique feature rebase every morning ( around UTC+2 ) . Rebase means that amount of your AMPL tokens in your wallet increase or decrease everyday depends on AMPL price chances. You can read more in Ampleforth website about this.

My first transfer of AMPL was 2.7114 AMPL from Publish0x to Kucoin.

Kucoin accepted smart contract. You can read official article at Kucoin website with below link for further reading.

My AMPL transfer arrived quickly to Kucoin but not credited my wallet quickly.

I opened a ticket yesterday and the amount credited to my account after rebase period with rebased amount.

After rebase, 2.7561 AMPL credited to my account with increased amount for rebase.

Already done sell and re-buy at a lower price to increase my amount of AMPL.

Because of price decrease today, my AMPL amount will increase tomorrow.

If you are also user, Kucoin supports ( BCH ) Cash Address which started with gg. You can directly withdraw your BCH from to Kucoin.

This content is aim for inform members about recent experience Ampleforth withdraw from Publish0x to Kucoin.

If you open an account in Kucoin with my ref link, please note that my all ref income in exchanges and my all crypto blogging income use for donating to orphans since I open account in Publish0x, Uptrennd, and

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3 years ago