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ALPHA : a new DeFi

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Short information about Alpha for help those who will invest.

ALPHA is a DeFi project. There will be a total of 1 billion tokens.

Before starting on Binance, 133 million tokens were sold to private investors at a price of $ 0.0125.

100 million tokens were sold at the price of $ 0.02 to those who won tickets on Binance.

ALPHA is distributed every hour as farming to BNB or BUSD stakeholders on Binance. 27.5 million units have been distributed so far, and the total amount of training will be 50 million by the end of October.

Link to Binance research report on ALPHA:

15% of ALPHA tokens are allocated to the team.

ALPHA LENDING is the project of this team to lend from the decentralized pool. Same as most other DeFi projects. The difference is that ALPHA will operate on both ETH and BSC (Binance smart chain - Binance's own blockchain).

Transfer costs are high in ETH-based DeFi projects, but the Binance smart chain is also very low. This could be an advantage, and this project, which already started testing on the Binance blockchain in September, is also good for Binance's own chain to become more popular.

Not all tokens are in circulation, Marketcap is worth $ 46 million, with a price of $ 0.046 now, if we calculate it on basis total supply .

According to the marketcap of other DeFi projects in Coinmarketcap (link: ALPHA's marketcap is in 34th place. ( ALPHA details are not available in coinmarketcap at the moment because of it launched yesterday.

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1 year ago
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I think this and Venus are the most solid projects added to the Launchpool

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