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What our thoughts are, such is our life!

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8 months ago

It's ok not to be OK. It is not always possible to be OK, it is an unrealistic imperative placed before us. Today is World Mental Health Day, let's talk, let's listen, let's not judge!EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL WOUNDS MAY NOT BE SEEN.BUT THEY ARE AS REAL AS THE PHYSICAL.Seeking professional help is a sign of readiness, courage and strength to cope with life's challenges, not weaknesses or defects.IT IS GREAT JOY, TO EMBRACE YOUR WEAKNESS!On World Mental and Emotional Health Day, we are reminded that not all wounds are visible, painful to the touch - but that does not mean that they are not equally real.

We will not tell a man with a broken leg that he has nothing, but to start, not to drama, that it is all in his head, "that he will pass it" - and to walk around freely, so we will not tell a person with a broken or broken spirit to be weak, spoiled, flawed, to invent or exaggerate.

We'll tell her -

I trust you.

It's ok not to be ok, it's impossible to be ok all the time.

Get it out of you if you want, tell me, cry if you have to.

I'm here.

Let us tolerate the discomfort of the swollen unpleasant feelings, hers, our own; let us remind ourselves that we are "all in this together." Nothing terrible will happen if we pay a little attention to the inconveniences of life. It will only happen that we all feel much less lonely, in the experiences that life prepares for us all.

I feel bad for days.It was as if everything was conspiring against me.Sadness, autumn, rain, pandemics, some confusion in life.The summer was calm, we went to the sea, pools and lakes and it seemed that the whole storm around the corona virus was behind us - until it came back like a boomerang.The new wave of Kovida-19 has been burning in Serbia in recent weeks - the number of newly infected is growing significantly day by day and hospitals are getting fuller, and doctors warn that the situation will not improve for a long time.The introduction of new measures is immediately mentioned, there is talk of new strains, an insufficient number of vaccinated and it is clear that Serbia is facing a rather turbulent period.Are you burdened by hanging out with people again, are you restless about going to cafes and restaurants, are you uncomfortable when there are many colleagues around you at work?

To feel stability and security, you need to have at least apparent control over the situation.Therefore, first and foremost - as at the beginning of the epidemic - turn off the TV.

I hope that I will overcome all the troubles if I think positively.What our thoughts are, such is our life!

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Written by   376
8 months ago
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