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Sunday and NFT

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4 months ago

What happened to Sunday?

Yesterday I searched for her all day and I couldn't find her anywhere. I remember, every Sunday was a holiday, a white shirt was worn and ears and neck were washed. On Sundays, we went to family lunches, after which everyone dozed off, scattered around the apartment like stranded whales, and only the smell of black coffee would wake us up from that stupor.

We got up slowly, carefully, nothing was allowed to be fast and sudden. Sunday was a day of slowness, a day of laziness, a day spent as if nothing had preceded it or as if nothing would happen after it. There used to be no shops on Sundays. In fact, bread, milk and cakes could be bought in some stores until ten, and kiosks for printing were also open until ten.

Everything else was closed and enjoyed Sunday peace. Sunday was like a garden of paradise, a day between reality and dreams. A day when everything could have started, and nothing had to end. Yes, it's high time we returned Sunday. If we don't do that soon, we will never see her again. And life without a week, that is, a life without a day off, is no longer life, but a gloomy carousel that stops only once - when it is too late for everyone.

DAvid Albahari

For years, the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival has been a meeting place for the most popular bands of all genres, soft rock and roll, dance music, but also art installations and sculptures. Apart from being a very prestigious event for artists, because as Katy Perry said, whoever shows up there will be a hit all year, it is extremely popular among everyone who wants to be up to date. Camping, crazy nights and eccentric attire have already entered popular culture.

In collaboration with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, the Coachella Festival returns in April after a two-year hiatus, with NFT collections of 10,000, 1,000 and 10,000 items. The largest collection offers images from past festivals, and NFT can be replaced by physical poster and photo prints. The Medium Collection is a legendary poster in several variants, and the most exclusive NFT is a lifelong ticket to the festival.

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Written by   376
4 months ago
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that article reminded me of Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning song ! S2

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4 months ago OOOO Sir Potato, how long have I not seen you?

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4 months ago