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News from the crypto world

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3 months ago

Dear friends, very interesting news is coming from the crypto world.

What can you buy for crypto? Eating, drinking, diamonds, but not advertising on TikTok.


Tourism is one of the branches of the economy that has been hit hard by the pandemic in every country. The tourist facilities of countries traditionally focused on this industry have suffered the most.

Therefore, a group of the most elite Madrid restaurants and bars with the help of the Spanish blockchain company 2gether created foodcoin. What is it now? In fact, a very clever mix of loyalty programs as well as strengthening the local economy. Many restaurants have started offering visitors the opportunity to pay in this local cryptocurrency, and for payment in euros, foodcoin tokens are also provided that provide free drinks or some accompanying services.

In this way, not only is customer loyalty rewarded, discounts are realized, but this economic microenvironment is also strengthened.

See more about it at the following link.


According to the New York Post, an impeccable diamond of 101.38 carats worth over 12 million dollars was sold at an auction held last week.

Of course, the sale was held at the famous auction house Sotebis. The diamond better known as The Key 10138, clearly because of its value, the size of a goose egg, is one of only a dozen in the world worth over a hundred carats.

Although the price may seem astronomical, it actually turned out to be quite bad for the seller, considering that it is estimated at fifteen million. Sotebis announced that it would receive payments in bitcoins or ethereum, and the mysterious buyer did so, although it was not disclosed in which currency the transaction was made.

See more about it at the following link.

TikTok against cryptocurrencies

If you are under 30, you are probably no longer on Facebook, except by accident as a kind of mandatory address on social networks. But Instagram has long since ceased to be the center of action that has moved to TikTok.

Therefore, influencers generally use this platform more and more for their own… well, whatever the influencers actually do. However, TikTok recently announced that it will no longer accept ads for crypto-investments on its platform. Moreover, they banned any kind of cryptocurrency promotion.

In that sense, the crypto-world is equated with pyramid schemes, frauds and other speculative activities. In their defense, they claim that the population on TikTok is mostly young (read, minors and youth), and that this move was forced in light of the multitude of innocent victims.

Thus, TikTok joined Facebook and Google, which admittedly relaxed its measures adopted in 2018.

See more about it at the following link.

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Written by   365
3 months ago
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