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My soul is back ...

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2 months ago

I recently read one story that left a strong impression on me.I've been thinking for a long time ... and I have to share it with you.The world is different, values ​​have disappeared. We are doing good deeds.

I came home yesterday tired and exhausted, and then my wife told me to change my clothes and get some rest while she made lunch. That's what I did. I went to my room, changed my clothes and lay down on the bed closing my eyes. I did not open my eyes until I heard the voice of the muezzin reciting the call to prayer for the ikindi prayer. Then I got out of my room and headed for the kitchen where my wife was busy about preparing the table for lunch. I sat down at the table and asked, "What did the love of my heart prepare for lunch today?" She didn't answer my question !! I repeated the question a second and third time, but, to my great surprise and astonishment, she did not answer.

It is the first time, in the course of twenty years of our marriage, that my wife has paid no attention to my words. Then my son entered the kitchen and I asked him to bring me a glass of water, however, his answer was similar to his mother's. This increased my astonishment even more. Is it possible for this young man, who is an example of kindness and good behavior, to treat me, his father, in such a way ?! And when I wanted to get out of the kitchen, I heard my wife say to our son, "Go and wake your father for lunch!" I was shocked to hear that. And indeed, my son went to my room to wake me up. Then I cried out to my son, “I am here! I'm here!" However, he did not look back. He left me immersed in my astonishment and confusion and went to my room.

After a few minutes he returned, his face distorted with fear. His mother asked him, "Did you wake your father?" He hesitated a little, then said, "I tried to wake him up several times, but he didn't respond." I was distraught, what is this boy saying ?! Then my wife ran into the room, followed by our children, visibly panicked. I followed my wife to see what she would do. And she came into my room and tried to wake someone who was lying in my bed and who looked exactly like me. Even his clothes were like mine. Desperate not to wake him, she began to cry. And our children cried and mourned and persistently called out to the man lying in my bed, hoping he would answer. I couldn’t believe what was going on around me. Oh my God, what's going on ?! Who is the man lying in my bed and who is a copy of me? Why doesn't anyone hear or see me?

My son hurried out of our house to return in a few moments together with my father, mother and brothers who were in tears of sorrow and grief. My mother approached the bed and, embracing the man lying on it, wept bitterly. I approached her trying to touch her and talk to her, and trying to reason with her that I was still next to her, but it was all in vain. I turned to my father and my brothers to let them hear my voice, but to no avail. After that, my brothers went to prepare everything needed for the funeral, and my father fell from his chair choking on tears. I was completely distraught and horrified by the terrifying sight and I was trying to wake up from a heavy nightmare.

And then a gasal (a man bathing dead people) came and started bathing a body that had been on my bed until a little while ago. My sons helped him wrap that body in ceffins and put it in a coffin. A lot of my friends and neighbors gathered in front of my house. They kept my father, who was overwhelmed with pain, from falling and expressed their condolences to my children and my brothers, asking Allah to have mercy on me and to forgive me, and to give my parents, children, wife, brothers and sisters a sabur on the temptation that befell them. Then they took the coffin with my body in front of the mosque to offer my funeral. I hurried out of the house and followed the funeral procession towards the mosque where relatives, friends and neighbors had already gathered and formed safs to offer my funeral.

In the midst of that distress, I saw myself breaking through between the lines easily and simply without touching anyone. The Imam recited the initial takbir for the funeral prayer, and I shouted out loud: “Relatives, neighbors, people, to whom are you offering the funeral? I'm with you, don't you see? ” But no one heard or felt anything. When I lost hope that they would hear and see me, I left them to worship at the funeral, and I went to the coffin and took off the lid to see who really lay in it. After I revealed my face to Matt, he opened his eyes, looked at me and said, “This is where my role ends. I go and disappear, and as far as you are concerned, you go where there is eternal remnant. I have followed you for more than forty years, and today, my end ends in the land, and yours on the Day of Judgment where a showdown awaits you. ”

I felt nothing but see myself lying in a coffin completely helpless. My limbs didn’t listen to me, like they weren’t a part of me. I saw nothing more, nor did I have the strength to move. I tried to speak, but I couldn't. I only heard the takbeers uttered by the imam, then, human voices, then, the earth being thrown at me, and, finally, the footsteps of people leaving the cemetery. I realized it was the end. Or maybe a start. Start of end…

So so simple and without notice and introduction ?! But I still have a lot of unfulfilled promises; I still have a lot of unfinished business; I still have a lot of debt and I have not left a will to the family to whom, when and how much to return; Where are you taking me? I want to recommend good, and distract from evil, what I haven’t done my whole life. And slowly I started to choke ..

Then I heard a thud of footsteps approaching me. Oh, hard on me! Has the showdown already begun ?! That’s what they told me while I was in the world. It must be the angels Munker and Nekir, who set out to interrogate me. I started screaming in the grave: “Lord, bring me back Lord, bring me back! Master, bring me back! I want to do good deeds that I missed! ” I heard no answer other than the words, “No way! Not at all! ”

I was constantly in that state of indescribable nightmares, until I heard a gentle voice whispering in my ear, Dad, Dad ,, lunch! I opened my eyes and saw my beloved daughter, as usual, smiling, saying, “Dad, let’s eat until the food cools down! "I hugged her tightly and kissed her, then let her go. I sat on my bed feeling completely exhausted. My legs and arms were shaking and my body was drenched in sweat. I said to myself, 'My soul is back.' ‘Tell me now what good deeds you will do before the day comes when you will pray and say,‘ Give me back, give me back! ’And you will not get an answer. earn tomorrow and man does not know in which country he will die; Allah indeed knows and knows. "

(Lukman, 34)

Source (Abdusamed Nasuf Bušatlić)

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Written by   360
2 months ago
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Powerful stuff. It took me there and saw what you described.

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2 months ago