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Music, poetry and crypto news

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Jan. 19 Joplin, the queen of rock and roll, was born on January 19, an artist who left an indelible mark on music. I remember when I first heard Janice Joplin. A friend brought a record. That afternoon Janice sang “Summertime” and I remember for a moment everything stopped and only that throaty sob was heard with the guitar. His whole life was trapped by that lullaby. And that life was full of music and breaking taboos and courage and blues and rock and roll and the eternal search for someone to love her. The greatest blouse singer lay curled up next to a bed she couldn't reach before the only consolation took her to a world where she would walk forever in flowery meadows, in colorful clothes and with pink feathers in her hair, as countless bracelets rattled to the beat of barefoot. Let's listen to the song in memory of her

Today I spent a day reading the news online.They are so depressing, disturbing, hopeless.Protests, black chronicle, injustice, accidents ... In my city, almost everyone has the virus.The city is quiet, empty.I go to work on Monday. Only the lower grades go to school.To bridge this day I read the poetry of Louis Aragon. ,,there is no love which is not pain there is no love which does not bruise there is no love which does not wither and no greater than you the love for the country there is no love which does not live from weeping there is no happy love but it is our love to the two of us..." The song No Happy Love was written by a French poet in 1943, and was first published in 1946. This song is dedicated to the writer Elsie Triolet. Elsie Triolet was the sister of Ljilja Brik, Vladimir Mayakovsky's girlfriend. The song was written in the storm of fascism and in the midst of the despair of the poet himself, the song is imbued with melancholy and pessimism. In it, he expresses his conception of absolute love, which the reality of life can mark with betrayal. Read poetry, that's how the revolution begins. It is a photograph of my river, my hills under the snow, and the willow disappearing into the water. I have known Willow since I was born. I will write about it soon.

After music and poetry, I also read crypto news, interesting that will interest you as well.

Francis Nganu, heavyweight and UFC270 tournament winner, decided to share with people the joy of winning and do something good for ordinary people. As he says on his Twitter, celebrating the victory, "I believe bitcoin can empower people around the world." In that name, he decided to get half of the winning $ 750,000 in bitcoins.

But that is not all! The money will be received through the partner company CashApp. In addition, whoever follows this company on Twitter and leaves their CashApp user ($ cashtag) and, with the hashtag #PaidInBitcoin, can get a share of the money won. Judging by the reactions so far, it seems that the prizes range between 10 and 50 dollars.

firm for the production of hardware crypto-wallets, Ledger presented the fruits of cooperation with the Italian house Fendi, which offers bags with a special accessory for the main Ledger product, Nano X.

As part of its fashion collection for men, Fall / Winter 2022, Fendi presented new models of bags that come with specially designed aluminum cases for Nano X. The first product is a case called Baguette that attaches to a man's bag, and serves not to dig per bag if you need a Nano X, it's already securely attached to the side (showing everyone you're a crypto-king?). Another product is a capsule called O’Lock, actually a pendant that holds the Nano X, with a hidden connection hole.

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Written by   376
5 months ago
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