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How to become an NFT artist

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3 months ago

I love the NFT stage and all the events related to it. I am always interested in surprising news!

It seems that the world of NFT is open only to painters, illustrators, photographers and other creators of digital visual arts.Visual art is the most prevalent in the NFT market, but immediately followed by music. The tokenization of music albums not only enables the creation of collector's releases, but can also be used very elegantly as a way of assigning copyrights, in order to automate the use of music.NFT can be useful for writers, performers, game developers, but also for classical artists, sculptors, painters who can tokenize the rights to their artwork. I hope that this text will help all artists to be encouraged and embark on the world of NFT in which they can seek their happiness and increase their visibility.

If you are an artist reading this text, it means that you have all the necessary prior knowledge to start selling your works on the NFT market.

It is also important to know that most platforms for selling your artwork require some kind of registration, a cover image (which will represent you or your work, collection, album), and a portfolio. Some services also require the artist to present himself with a short video clip. This is set up to discourage art dealers and brokers, and to support the creators.

Step One: Cryptocurrency Wallet

for absolute beginners the best is Metamask which is located at Many sites selling NFT, platforms dedicated to this market allow registration through Metamask, so this application has imposed itself as the best solution.

Second step: buying cryptocurrency

You need to know that you will need money, especially in cryptocurrency. Now that you have a wallet, you will need at least a hundred dollars to tokenize your artwork,

Step Three: Register on NFT sales platforms

SuperRare offers login using a digital wallet (direct integration via Metamask). Registration for collectors is thus done, while for artists it is waiting to be checked. It is necessary to fill in the form for which you will need the following:

Link to site and / or portfolio

A video clip from Gdrive or Youtube, shorter than a minute, in which you will present yourself as an artist

Link from Gdrive with 3-5 of your works

Motivational message, why you want and why you deserve to be on this platform

OpenSea  is the largest and most democratic platform, in the sense that a digital wallet will be enough for you to register. Once you register, you can start posting your works, tokenizing them and offering them in different ways. Now. OpenSea does not charge for the creation of NFT (minting), but there is a price of "gas" for the initial initialization, and 2.5 percent margin for certain types of auctions. As a truly largest platform, it is also the most crowded, so success will depend on how well you do personal marketing. And we'll talk more about that another time.

NiftyGateway is exclusively a buying and selling platform. You will need to do your work on the token elsewhere. Registration is simple, via a form and verification via email, but applying for artist status requires filling out an admission form of eight questions that are very reminiscent of a job interview (what are your short-term and long-term plans, etc.).

But once you are verified, the process is simple. You exhibit your works or collections, per sales platform takes 5 percent on behalf of costs, plus 30 cents. When reselling works, the author goes an extra 10 percent. Some users complain that the cost of "gas" is not always transparent, so care should be taken. Nifty also has some restrictions on withdrawing money. Namely, the funds are paid exclusively to bank accounts in America (in dollars), although there is also a crypto-variant. Still, NiftyGateway is a good platform because you’re in select company, so customers are pretty generous, which can mean more to you as an artist than having your work squat and wait on some other, less exclusive platform.

Create, create..

Images and downloaded from Google, Source NFT news

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Written by   360
3 months ago
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