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God's pharmacy

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2 months ago

Dear friends, I always remember the sentence that God gave nature a plant for every disease, it just needs to be found.

God first separated fresh water from salt, made the earth, placed a garden on it and created animals and fish.All that before he created man.God created everything He could need. The best medicines eaten raw are the strongest.The cross section of the carrot resembles the human eye.

Science has shown that the carrot stimulates the blood supply and improves the function of the eyes.One tomato has 4 chambers and is red.And our heart has 4 chambers and it is red.Tomato is full of lycotine, food for the heart and blood.

The grapes hang in heart-shaped clusters. Every the berry looks like a blood cell and modern research show that grapes have a vital function in nutrition for the heart and blood!

Walnut looks like a cerebellum: right and left hemisphere, upper cerebellum and lower cerebellum.Wrinkles and folds of the nucleus resemble the cerebral cortex.

We know that walnut with more than 3 dozen Neurotransmitter helps in the development of functions


Beans heal the kidneys and maintain their function.

And one more thing: cereals look just like our kidneys!

Celery, Chinese cabbage, and many other vegetables look like bones. This type of food strengthens effectively bones.Bones contain 23% sodium - this type of food contains also 23% sodium. If your food does not contain enough sodium, your body takes sodium from the bones and they become so fragile. This type of food supplements the skeleton with sodium.

Avocado, blue eggplant and pears improve the functions of the uterus and its cervix. That is exactly the fruit that looks like those organs. Modern research shows that if a woman eats one avocado a week, it brings her the balance of her hormones and prevents underweight and cervical cancer.

Why is that so? It takes nine months before an avocado flower develops into a ripe fruit. In each of these three fruits, there are more than 14,000 nutrients separated by sunlight (modern science has researched only 141 of them and given them the proper name.

Figs are full of seeds and hang in pairs during growth. They increase the motility and number of sperm and thus prevent the sterility of men.

Sweet potatoes resemble the pancreas and they effectively balance the glycerin index in diabetics.

Olives promote health and ovarian functionality.

Oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits look like a woman's breasts. It improves breast health and effectively improves the flow through the breast lymph.

Onions look like our cells. Modern research shows that onions help remove waste products from all our cells. Onions cause tears that clean the epithelial layers of the eye. His partner, garlic, also helps remove waste products and dangerous free radicals from our body.

I hope you enjoyed your dear friends and learned a lot. Take care of your health!Images downloaded from the internet

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Written by   365
2 months ago
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God has already prepared everything for us through the nature, we just need to recognize and use it.We might think so much when we already have it.

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2 months ago

God has already prepared everything for us through the nature, we just need to recognize and use it.We might think so much when we already have it.

Yes, but we don't appreciate it enough.

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2 months ago