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Flowers and crypto news

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2 months ago

We all like to read crypto news. I usually do it in the morning with coffee and among the flowers. Here are some interesting ones that I share with you.

Panic in the crypto world

In principle, we do not like bad news. First of all, the bad news is - ugly, spreading defeatism, and when everyone breaks it, they hear it, it's too late to cover their ears.

Due to the shaky algorithmic stablecoin currencies, there was a slight panic in the crypto market. BTC and ETH were the first to be hit by the wave of panic, which is slowly returning to its usual market value. But the biggest stablecoin, USDT (Tether), was also hit. Namely, if you remember, they were suspected before that they did not have a basis that would guarantee stability.

A wave of panic sank the value of Tether to about 90 cents. To prevent panic, they decided to offer an exchange on their website Instead of a market that is currently going crazy, they paid - as they say, without blinking - $ 300 million, in exchange for USDT users who felt deeply affected by the "betrayal" of a currency they expected to fluctuate no more than a cent or two above. down.

The Germans are abolishing the tax on the sale of cryptocurrencies

In a very interesting move that stimulates HODLovanje, the German Ministry of Finance decided to abolish the sales tax on BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies that the user kept in his wallet for more than a year.

Namely, like most European countries, the Germans treat the sale of cryptocurrencies as capital gain, as if you sold a house or made money on the stock exchange. So, not as income, but as a sale of property. In that sense, taxes are quite high, so this news will benefit those who have kept their coins so far, and now they may want to sell them.

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Written by   376
2 months ago
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