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Books on cryptocurrencies and pandemics

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6 months ago

Since it is a time of pandemic and only isolation, it is nice to read books. And just at this time when the pandemic started, I became interested in cryptocurrencies.I didn't know anything, so I started educating myself. One of the books I read was "Digital Gold" - Nathaniel Popper.The book is written in a light tone and is very readable. It could be especially interesting for beginners because it contains descriptions and details of the lives of prominent individuals from the world of cryptocurrencies, but also simple explanations.

Bitcoin and a hitherto untold story about weirdos and millionaires who change the face of money.

How money works, who benefits from it and how it could all look like in the future.

Bitcoin, a revolutionary digital currency and financial technology, represents the beginning of a global social movement of utopian aspirations. The idea of ​​a new currency, maintained by personal computers around the world, has been the subject of numerous jokes, but that has not stopped it from growing into technology worth billions of dollars, a technology with many followers, which is considered the most important new invention since the creation of the Internet.Bitcoin fans, from Beijing to Buenos Aires, see in it the possibility of a financial system without the influence of government or banks, a new global currency of the digital era. Digital Gold is an unusual story about a group invention, a story about people who created bitcoin, including a Finnish student, an Argentine millionaire, a Chinese entrepreneur, Tyler and Cameron Winklevos, the mysterious creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you have not had the time or idea to read books on the topic of blockchain, cryptocurrency and economics, here are a few more books that will be useful and interesting to many.

Books that you can read during self-isolation, related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The market may be unstable, but the development of technology will certainly not wait for the end of the crisis, projects are being written, the community is sticking together, and more and more people are interested in entering crypto just during this situation. That is why this is an opportunity to start, renew or remember some of the most interesting lines about money, economy, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Blockchain Revolution – Don i Alex Tapscott

This is one of the first books that dealt with blockchain in more detail, and it was published in 2016. Here you can read clear explanations about the blockchain protocol, principles, different business models and ideas.

„What a spectacular book. Mind-blowing in its expansiveness and profundity. It makes me think we’re at one of those times in technological, economic, and social history where the sky is the limit.” — Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer and chief scientist, Prime Data.

Mastering Bitcoin – Andreas Antonopoulos

Whoever listened to Andeas explain about blockchain, wanted to read his first book on bitcoin. You will certainly be deprived of tone, but not of key information. You will find out or confirm how bitcoin works, everything about keys, wallet, bitcoin network, consensus mechanism, etc., with programming details.

The Scandal of Money – George Gilder

In this book, read everything you were interested in about money, and it seemed complicated or uninteresting to you. Economics is not an abstract science, and it is often driven by interests and manipulations. Read about the background of the economic system, crises, centralization and globalization. Find out what kind of economic arrangement we live in and why cryptocurrencies would be a logical solution for the future.

"Gilder pushes us to think about the government monopoly on money and makes a strong case against it. If you believe in economic freedom, you should read this book. ” - Senator Jim DeMint, president of The Heritage Foundation.

Cryptoassets – Burniske &Tatar

Another very popular book whose content includes alternative currencies. He looks back at monetary history, explains what a blockchain is, mentions the most popular cryptocurrencies, but also makes a difference between cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies; Gives practical insights into money, mining, stock markets and more.

„Whether or not one contemplates investing in cryptoassets, anyone with a practical or theoretical interest in financial markets should know about them. Burniske and Tatar do an excellent job explaining this brave new world to us.” — Harry Max Markowitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics and founder of Modern Portfolio Theory

I wish you a pleasant day dear friends!

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Written by   365
6 months ago
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