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Banana and escaped monkey

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8 months ago

Today is a special day.We planted the first banana in my hilly and mountainous area.I believe this news will make my friends happy.@varda42 @snezak The banana was in a flower pot.We brought her from Belgrade and took care of her all summer.Before the frost, we will shorten it by 10 cm and protect it with nylon, styrofoam and straw.

That's how he will spend the winter in the garden.We will discover it on May 20 and it will start growing.It is the first banana in our area and we all take care of it.If you have any advice, write.I hope that retrograde Mercury will not affect its growth and that it will give us a lot of fruit.To grow to the sky like BCH!

In addition to planting bananas, I also read crypto news.

You know about the most famous monkey house in the NFT sky, Bored Apes Yacht Club. Well, following the idea of ​​silly primates, another artist, behind the pseudonym Evil Ape, published a collection of ten thousand pictures of "monkeys trapped in the land of lawlessness", entitled Evolved Apes. The narrative was important, because only the strongest monkeys survive, which was an introduction to the computer game, of the tabadji type. In addition to the evolved monkeys being sold on the OpenSea platform, the project has attracted the attention of a number of investors who have relied on a crypto-game in which NFT owners would fight in the style of Street Fighter.

Alas, the monkeys have begun, so it seems that the main chimpanzee, Mr. Evil Ape, has personally escaped. Disappeared. Disappeared. His Twitter was deleted (like, isn’t it, the crowning proof that he’s gone). It is unfortunate that the artist is not present, but funds are lacking, 798 ETH (current value around 2.7 million dollars).

More about that at the following link.

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Written by   376
8 months ago
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I love how you write so simply but so clear.

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8 months ago