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Earlier this year I reviewed which you can read here, and while I was already very positive about the site, the admin team have made some huge improvements and I feel that a fresh review would be fair.

What is

Essentially it's twitter, but if users find you interesting they can tip your post with BitcoinCash (BCH). Free BCH is distributed amongst users randomly and cannot be withdrawn, it has to be "tipped" to other users, with a minimum of 20% going into your own wallet. There is also the option to tip users with your own BCH via QR code.

What's the catch?

Well there isn't one, the site doesn't even have adverts.

Come on man, free money doesn't exist. What's the catch?

As far as I can tell is a method to pump the price of BCH, it's advertising its existence to more people and increasing transactions which in turn attracts attention from investors. I'd hazard a guess that the admin team, and investor Marc De Mesel have a huge amount of money invested in BCH.

So I suppose the catch, if you can even call it that, is the potential lifespan of the site. Nobody knows what's going to happen once the free tips run out. So get in while the going is good.

How do I make money?

Because you can't just claim the free tips for yourself, you're depending on the community to tip you. So if you're able to consistently make interesting posts, and engage with your subscribers, there's a good amount of money to be made.

For example, I've run an instagram page for my pet cat for the last 2 years. It has never made me a cent. On I have been making around 5 to 7 cents per picture, not including other tips that come from interacting in comments. It all adds up. And now with the addition of "chambers" I'm able to post them in a topic dedicated to cat pictures, which increases my chances of being tipped further.

Another good method is giveaways. People don't want to give their free tips to spammers so they frequently make contests such as: Meme making competitions, movie trivia, etc. Something to show that their tips are going to an actual human that has put effort into their post.

How much have you made?

The time between joining and writing this review has been around 20 days, and I've made 0.0375 BCH. At the time of writing this is around $15. Compared to other methods this VERY good.

When I was active most of the day I was making around $1 a day but this decreased as I returned to my full time job. However what's unique about is that it isn't a chore like most faucets and earning sites. I'm talking to people online like I do anyway. I'm literally being paid to do something I enjoy.

And that is a very rare thing indeed.

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