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The Rolling Stones: The Greatest Rock Band Ever

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2 months ago
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If you ask any rock music fan, "which rock bands will be on your top 5 list?", without a doubt The Rolling Stones will be mentioned every time. Even if a person is no a fan of rock music, I bet they have hear the songs 'Paint it, Black', 'Gimme Shelter' or 'Sympathy For The Devil'. Or definitely have seen The Rolling Stones' logo of a red lips and a tongue sticking out some where.

How it Started

The Rolling Stones was formed in 1962 in London by Brain Jones, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman.

  • Mick Jagger was the vocalist

  • Keith Richards was the guitarist

  • Bill Wyman was the bassist

  • Charlie Watts was the drummer and,

  • Brain Jones was playing multiple instruments.

They started playing music which was between Rock 'n Roll and Blues which helped them get their unique sound as they progressed.


The Rolling Stones made very impressive albums and a lot of them. Their Debut album came in 1964 and was named after them, The Rolling Stones. It was a huge success and the band started making one great album to the next in quick succession. To mention few of them,

  • In 1965 - The Rolling Stones No. 2

  • In 1965 - The Rolling Stones, Now!

  • In 1965 - Our of Our Heads

  • In 1966 - Aftermath

  • In 1967 - Between the Buttons

  • In 1969 - Let it Bleed

  • In 1971 - Stick Fingers

  • In 1974 - It's Only Rock 'n Roll

  • In 1976 - Black and Blue

  • In 1981 - Tattoo You

  • In 1986 - Dirty Work

  • In 1994 - Voodoo Lounge

Wrapping Up

The Rolling Stones made such an amazing songs, it's even hard for me to choose a favorite one. And I honestly wish I could have seen their live performance back in the 1960's. I know some people will say The Beatles are better but for me The Rolling Stones are the greatest of all time.

So, how about you? Who is your number one choice of a rock band?

Let me know in the comment section....

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Written by   2
2 months ago
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