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You are Just in the picture

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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You just write on the book.

That's the far-off the river

The people who are all crowded

Sky's bottom;

That's the day night

All right, all right, all we got here

They're Ravi

You're not true man like them.

Hi, you're just a photo.

Why do you feel calm down in the bush?

Follow the passengers

They're not the way.

Why is that night?

Everyone's gonna be so far away

At the end of stability.

This dust

Pick up gray.

Heading up the wind;

Ravi's axe's is open

Back in the form of a tru man

Written in the organ

The spring union

This dust also lies true;

This green.

Line on the world's altitude.

They're so awful, so they're all true--

You're steady, you're a dark photo,

You're just pictures.

One day, you'd be on this way

Born to breath;

The organs are a living organ.

How many songs will you dance?

It is Coming.

Your rhinocero nob

Leaving them around the world;

How long he was.

In this life

I'm in my mind

That's true

Down in the moo's eye.

You wrote it on the way.

Pick up Ross's chick.

That morning you were the one

The message of this world is a statue.

To go the way together

Behind the Nights

I'll stop you.

Then I'm after that

How sad.

I'm on the way to the front

It's a tide-knife


Down on the way

The flowers are silent

It was loud

Little life-standing at the millennium.

Life in the death.


I left the distance--

I love the way.

You're gonna be the way

Where you stood

You're still there.

The green, the dust-- those, the Shirby-ravi

Behind everyone.

You're photo, you're just pictures

What a rattle call

You picture?

No, not just photos

Who says you're a fixed line

The blast.

Dead die, she would have stopped

This river

Beach waves,

This cloud

The wire is his gold writing.

Your hike

If it were to be a shadow of the chiku world

Well, I'm not sure


Lillai in the lote of the canal

A shadow-mouth shade in the forest

The soil.

Forget what I've gone.

The one you took is the root of your life

That's wrong.

In the blind way, don't forget what flowers.

Do they forget

Yet they are

Lovely breath.

The wrong vacuum is filled with a sound

Not to forget, he's forgotten;

Boss has blown out the blood that's Dola

You're not in the front of the eyes,

Between the eyes;

That's right

Shamlow in the Shamlow, blue

My disappearance

You got it in his heart.

I know, somebody knows.

But the music is a song;

You're poet's heart.

No photo, no photo, no, not just photos.

Where did I get you at the morning?

I lost the night

You're in the dark after that.

No photo, you're not.

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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Interesting poem.. Love this poem.. But who is this girl??😡..

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