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Rice pakora chap

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6 months ago
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Rice frying chop


A cup of rice

1 medium onions (pieces)

1 tea cup pepper /1/2 tea chick pepper

1 inch (strictly to make)

1/2 cup of oil

One/2 tea-garlic paste

1/2 tea spoon

1/4 tea, yellow bumps

Five tables basons

5/6 tables water

Salt quantity

For oil fried

How to make:

Mix the rice with good hands.

Put all of the materials together without water and keep 8/10 minutes

A little water from the onion The mixture is a soft If you want to soften it, make a little more soft.

warm up with the oil on the gas

Release the heat with the hand's claws and shoot the heat oil.

Stay on the cloud and go away until the red Get out of the stove when you're frozen

Eat with tea in the afternoon or breakfast.

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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ranna ta darun bondhu..amar lekha ghure asun

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6 months ago