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No one can understand my love

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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No one knows why I'm like that Here.

Why don't spend my day night

Don't cut it

I don't see the morning

Why my hand?

No one knows.

The pain of the rampant is a long way

I came alone

No one said it was a traitor

A little under the tree in the afternoon

Sit down, take a sit

No one said you were good


The pair is when they come to the water

No one said

I'll give you a second time

It's a color in the birth.

Birds were weeping fly

No one heard the classical call,

I was burned by pain

The chest

He said there's no young Taps.

Take a cool chocolate

I'm just a ridiculous

Kangaroo like his chicks

It's dangerous

I'm just like civilization and civilization.

With a heart of greed

I came all this way in the time of distress


No one called me

I like to say i love you

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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Really heart touching Poetry.. loved it....

Also check on me buddy...

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6 months ago