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My handmade biscuits

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6 months ago
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My handmade cookies. I'm in the stove. Just three subterfumes

Eat so young, that's gonna melt with your mouth.

Alhamdulillah is so good and joke.

Recipe. 👎

Anything you need.

3cup flour

Ice Sugar1cup (in the butt or the blunder's stomach)

The salt 1 chimp.

Oil 1 cup

First, we have to put a sand in a big bone and take a stand on him and then make him a private.

💜a steel in the stool and put a paper on the floor.

In a bowl, salt, Ice, Ice Sugar, and then oil, you'll have to be sweet.

If it is a pleasure, it will be a bit of round and keep a little distance to the lock.

Then we'll have to sit in the stove.

I'll never let it.

Put it in 20 minutes

You're gonna get a shot.

That's funny.

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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I will definitely try to make it at home according to the recipe Thank You for Your Article

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5 months ago