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Make your heart big not money

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5 months ago
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He was so rich that he had to go to his door to loan to British government to owe him,

He put his great crowd in his huge palace in his huge palace, and he knew no one else of the Rajanition except that he knew of the Rajanite,

One day, he entered his cell, forgetting the keys of the cell, the cell door closed him, and the cell door was no longer a era of mobile technology, but his voice never reached anyone,

The staff outside the palace thought he might have visited somewhere because he often say nothing and traveled weeks, saying,

He was in front of him with gold and diamonds and diamonds but he was suffering from hunger and thirst.

And before he died, he hit his finger with gold bricks and wrote a sentence on the wall with his blood:

(The richest man in the world died in hunger and thirst)

It was the famous British Billion's Rothroschildo Antim Ontim.,,,,

His wealth didn't help him in this world,

Think before you have the wrong way to kill someone, if your power will be one day,

Almighty God, the day that is

He said:

Those who disbelieve, their wealth and children will never be useful from God’s punishment and are the fuel of the fire.

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Written by   93
5 months ago
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