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I love to say your name

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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I thought I was wrong with your name.

In this mistake, in your name

I didn't understand.

You called that gentle voice from that distance,

This your name, you're a marker.

You're gonna make a name for yourself

The human being raised in the human nature

Tell me how long you've been forgotten.

We were mixed in blood.

We had two names open in the sun.

I woke up after the wind

The name I found was yours.

The first morning I called you in that winter.

That's how I got both of them in the wrong way.

I'm close to both, the basic root of consciousness.

Forget it, think it's so far.

But I have to forget, 'I didn't understand the wrong.

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Written by   93
6 months ago
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