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The New Cold War

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11 months ago

An old war, not a new one

Digital warfare between developed countries in general, and between China and America in particular, is not emerging today or yesterday, and if we were talking  in the past  about military colonialism that ended in the aftermath of World War II, then another type of colonialism took its place, namely political and cultural colonialism, which explains irrational clinging Some countries have the cultures and languages ​​of some countries, although this is useless. What is the example of the eternity of teaching science in the Maghreb in the French language, which is neither the mother tongue nor the language of science and progress is the best example of that.

With the digital revolution at the beginning of the current century, there has become a great hunger about collecting personal and government information and data, which can be described as digital colonialism, as an embodiment of that China began to block Google services through the networks of telecommunications companies in its lands after Google prevented Google from giving the Chinese government unconditional access to the information of its citizens who They use Google's services, this ban also affected the social network, Facebook and other American platforms, so the demonization of America only on this issue after the ban decision, and the reverence of Chinese companies is not right and unfair, it is a digital war, and each side defends its gains.

Motivation isn't just information

Because of this crisis triggered by Google on the eve of last Sunday, there has become an active movement on news channels and social networks, to cover the topic from various sides, and analysts attribute the escalation in sales and dominance of Huawei over communication networks on the one hand, and its superiority in the fifth generation technology on the other hand. They are the most important reasons for these precautions by the US government, and Chinese companies were previously prevented from entering the US telecom market, claiming that their devices were eavesdropping on users for the benefit of the Chinese government, and America also tried unsuccessfully to pressure its allies to join the ban campaign.

We also do not forget that the sales of Huawei in the mobile phone market bypassing Apple, and its path to pass the sales of Samsung also raises many economic concerns, so it is natural for the US government to try to protect its companies that benefit from the value of taxes imposed on them directly.

alternative plan

Huawei previously announced, and months before the ban, that the research and development team had engaged in preparing a new system for smartphones, with parallel application platforms on this system, as a precaution in the event of problems with American companies. This alternative plan was praised by the masses. Chinese.

Another factor that plays on Huawei’s side is that it is one of the few manufacturers that rely on processors of their manufacture, so the decision of Intel and Qualcomm after Google’s announcement will not have a significant impact on Huawei phones, while it will certainly affect the computer industry.

User experience is most important

Technically, I do not doubt that Huawei is able to equip this system with its platform, although it will take time until it reaches a final usable form without problems, but in my view it will not be so easy, as I mentioned earlier, Google services and many American companies are blocked in China, and therefore the users of the company's phones in China will not be affected at all by this ban, but since the company's sales come mostly from outside China, the decision to ban will negatively affect users' appetite for acquiring Huawei phones, as well as continuing to use them, as well as persuading them to move to The new system is difficult, and what Microsoft's technology and marketing company has failed to convince users of its system and platform is the best proof of that, although Nokia, which was a pioneer of phones in the past decade, adopted the system, and although the system was powerful and provides features that are not available to this day in The Android and iOS systems (Apple), and the mobile equipment were very powerful, especially in the field of photographyAnd the speed of the system, but all of this failed to attract the interest of developers on the one hand to transfer their applications to the Microsoft platform, this failure prevented users from trying Nokia phones on the Windows system, but it led to the migration of many Nokia and Windows enthusiasts to one of the two popular systems.

Another example of the importance of the user experience is the failure of the giant Google in its social network project GGL Plus that it launched in 2011, and previously announced during this year its official closure at the end of May, as Google also did not lack the expertise, technology and algorithms to develop a safer, more beautiful, elegant and simple social network But she failed to convince the audience to give her a chance.

What if the backup plan works

In the event that Huawei's alternative plan succeeds in dragging a fair category of smartphone users to its phones with the new system, this will mark the beginning of a new era in the world of smartphones, which means ending the control of Google and Apple on the market, and the courage of each manufacturer to build a new system Its own, to go back to the pre-iPhone era.

What is certain is that these new systems will be obliged in the short term to support Android applications, so developers will not have fun developing their applications separately, and this was also confirmed by Samsung last year when it announced the Tizen system, and the Finnish company Yola that he founded has also considered Ex-Nokia employees, as well as BlackBerry phones, before they switched entirely to Android.

The most important question remains for how long will Internet users remain hostage to the monopolies of certain companies for information, and is there really such a thing as privacy in the world of the Internet? Only days will guarantee our knowledge of the answer, which will certainly come late.

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Written by   32
11 months ago
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