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FARM/ETH Strategy on Harvest.Finance

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3 weeks ago

First of all, what’s Harvest.Finance?

Harvest.Finance is a yield aggravator. It's aiming to provide yield on DeFi tokens. As you can see on the screenshot below Harvest has all sort of different strategies.

One of the pros of Harvest is their ability to add strategies very quickly. In fact, Harvest is one of the biggest yield aggravators in DeFi in right now. 

But let's take a look at what Harvest is offering and how does it work.

One of the strategies that i am exited about is the FARM/ETH strategy. At least, because this is one of the few ways to find a use for the FARM tokens earned on Publish0x.

The process is very simple. All you do is deposit FARM and ETH in Uniswap as a liquidity pair and then you deposit that LP token into Harvest.Finance. Harvest will automatically sell the index token and you will earn rewards. 

There is also a plenty of other strategies, with over 500% APY. They all operate in a very similar way to the FARM/ETH pool that i described above. 

One of the unique feature of FARM is the FARM token itself. It's a profit sharing token. When you earn FARM tokens for providing liquidy you can stake those tokens to earn more FARM rewards. Besides, users who stake their FARM coins are entitled to 30% of all of the yield aggregated by the platform. FARM token is also used to govern the protocol. FARM holders can make governance proposals in the community board, and then vote on other proposals. 

I know, some will say that Harvest.Finance can immediately seem complicated and confusing. However, no one promised that there is an easy way to maximize profits. Understanding the process of “harvesting” also a “job”. And it my humble opinion, it's worth it.


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3 weeks ago
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