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2 Ways to "Opt In" to the $1.2M Coinbase Dogecoin Sweepstakes

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4 months ago

It was only a matter of time to add Dogecoin to Coinbase, as Twitter has been filled with requests for months. $DOGE was added to Coinbase Pro on Thursday, June 3, 2021, and now it is also tradable on Coinbase app.

To celebrate $DOGE being listed, Coinbase announced that it is hosting a giveaway. One winner will be awarded $300k, 10 winners will be awarded $30k, and 6,000 winners will be awarded $100 in Dogecoin. Winners will be notified on or around June 17. According to the official rules, you have to have a Coinbase account, but you don't automatically get entered; you have to "opt in."

Here are the two ways that you can "opt in" to the sweepstakes to get your chance at earning some sweet $DOGE WoW!:

Option 1 - Trade $100 in $DOGE: Log into the Coinbase app, click on the sweepstakes button, press the "opt in" button, and trade (buy or sell) at least $100 in $DOGE between June 3 and June 10, 2021. You should receive an email after you opted in (within 24 hours) and after you've met the trading requirement.

Option 2 - Enter for Free: Hand write the following on the front of a 3x5 card: your name, address, city, state, zip, e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth. Insert single card in an envelope and mail with sufficient postage to: Coinbase Dogecoin Sweepstakes, PO Box 738, Syosset, NY  11791-0738. The return address and mailing address on envelope must be handwritten. The mail-in entries must be postmarked by June 10, 2021 and received by June 15, 2021. Coinbase will not confirm receipt of mail-in entries. 

It is important to note that your chances of winning are the same regardless of method of entry. Good luck everyone!!

Dogecoin is currently listed #6 on with a ticker price of $0.3737, $48.5B market cap, and 29% increase over the past week.

Important claims: I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research before you invest any money. Crypto currency is not FDIC insured. I am a $VYGVF shareholder. I own an air fryer.

I welcome constructive comments, and please follow me on Twitter!!

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4 months ago
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