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Would you like to open an art gallery? Cyber Brings Digital Art to Life!

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Cyber brings digital art to life and offers its users the opportunity to visit digital art galleries with virtual glasses (VR).

Non-fungible tokens (NFT), metaverse, Web 3.0… In the world we live in, we are learning new things about technology day by day and we are starting to adapt to rapidly developing technology. In fact, those who are introduced to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at an early age can adapt and adapt to these trends much more easily. Because Blockchain is actually at the heart of all the developments we experience.

With the NFTs and metaverse entering our lives step by step, stepping into unknown worlds with virtual glasses or in front of the screen, going to concerts, holding meetings and now visiting art galleries has become impossible. Imagine, you open the doors of an art gallery with your VR glasses, you examine the digital works in the gallery and you can buy the work you like... This is no longer a dream, let's examine it...

Cyber ​​Brings Digital Art to Life

Cyber ​​offers a platform where users can exhibit their NFTs in their own art galleries, where other users can visit these art galleries and buy the works they like. So, with Cyber, we can realize what we dreamed about above.

Cyber ​​actually makes the possibility of creating a digital art gallery accessible to everyone with its ease of use and simple interface. Simply connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform to create a digital art gallery on Cyber. Then, your NFTs that you buy on NFT platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible begin to appear on the Cyber ​​platform. You can invite both visitors and potential buyers to your gallery by sharing the link of your digital art gallery.

In addition, Cyber ​​works in communication with important artists in the NFT field to offer unique experiences to its users. In addition, with Cyber, users can design their art galleries as they wish. This adds an originality to the gallery.

On the other hand, Cyber has areas where you can browse the galleries and see NFT products directly on the page. This place directs you to the NFT's market place to buy the NFT you like.

In addition to all these, on the home page of Cyber, users can see the trending art galleries of 24 hours, the recently opened art galleries, the popular art galleries, the art galleries opened directly by the owner of NFT and many more.

Art Gallery Experience with VR Glasses

If you have a virtual glasses, you can visit the galleries in Cyber with your VR glasses.

Integration of VR glasses into the metaverse is already an expected development. However, it is exciting that one of the pioneers of this is the art sector. In fact, digital artworks lead the NFT industry and we are already witnessing exciting developments in this field. Maybe Cyber will offer us the opportunity to organize digital art gallery openings in the future, meet new art lovers in art galleries and even chat with the owner of the art gallery… This world has endless options and we are just at the beginning.

If you want to decorate the walls of your own designed art gallery with NFTs that you have created or owned, you can visit Cyber's website.

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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