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Male Types Alpha, Beta, Omega, Delta, Sigma, Gamma What is Male?

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We take a close look at alpha, beta, omega, delta, sigma and gamma, which are used to express male personality traits.

alpha male

The alpha male is the male in the leading position. They are men with charisma, self-confidence and high intelligence who attract the attention of all women. The focus of attention of the environment they enter is strong men. because of this interest, they do not place women in a central position in their lives. They are always on stage while doing their work.

beta male

Beta male is not pro-alpha. it is in the position of following the leader in the social environment, but it would not be right to describe it as a total loser and sidekick. because he does not benefit from the power of the leader. He is a man who values women very much and treats them like queens. They are not very strong and highly attracted, but they have special interests and abilities. they are intelligent. They care about their personal development. They are not inclined to take risks. they are loyal. They try to make themselves perfect men. For women, they are not as impressive as alphas at first.

omega male

Omega is referred to as the twin of alpha in the sources. because the leader does not prefer to lead besides having charisma and attractiveness. their self-confidence is high. they do their own work. Lone wolf is not descriptive enough. They can exist simultaneously in different social groups that they do not lead. They form close friendships and deep friendships. The alpha has no stage presence and no ego. Let's look at the difference; While alpha always wants to make sure he's got the attention, that he's admirable, omega doesn't value it. but it has them.

delta male

delta male is the type that is loaded incorrectly on beta male. They are hostile to alphas and omegas. they try to get their friendship. are physically and mentally weak. they are focused not on their personal development, but on being with a strong man and taking advantage of his power. They are liars, cheats, gossipers and tend to show aggression to attract women's attention.

sigma male

Sigma men are manipulative men. They don't have the feisty stance like the alphas and omegas, but they attract attention with their intelligence. They both make people shudder and arouse their respect. Thanks to their persuasion and manipulation abilities, they can be even more powerful than alphas and omegas in social situations. They are neither leaders nor followers. They are naturally the best friends of alphas, as they do not threaten their leadership, but are also strong. Although they appear outside the game, they are at the top of the hierarchy.

gamma male

gamma men are the group we can call the outsiders. They are not leaders or followers. they are on their own. they are almost invisible. they are focused on improving themselves and doing what they are doing. They can be described as nerds. are mostly average in terms of competencies and abilities.

if we get back

alpha; He is the handsome, intelligent, charismatic, wealthy boss of the company. is in a suit. women run after him, but he doesn't care about it. daily relationships. He will not value women unless he meets an alpha woman like him.

beta; He is a hardworking, talented middle-level manager working in the company. cultured and intellectual. respects women. He is looking for the woman of his life. He makes romantic gestures to the woman he is seeing.

omega; He is an intelligent, talented, handsome professional who does freelance projects with the company and determines his own working order. alternative clothing. attracts women, but not in the midst of a lot of women. is more selective.

delta; The boss's sucker is the employee of the company who is trying to knock his own business down on others. He doesn't have a very good relationship with women. There is a tendency to be aggressive towards men and women who have good communication with women. makes hate speech towards women in male environments. he's a red pill. He tries to look like the alpha, but he looks like a prick and humiliates himself.

sigma; He is a cool manager, who has friendships with the boss outside of work, and has direct contact with customers and solution partners. People refer to him as "he has devil hair". Although he is not the center of attention of women, he attracts the attention of the woman he wants with his cool and mysterious attitude.

gamma; He is a computer wolf working at it. He is talented at this. but he is not very extroverted socially. Friday after work, when the whole company goes out for a beer, he hangs out for half an hour and plays PlayStation with his friend at home, so that it is not shameful.

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Written by   7
3 months ago
Topics: Life
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