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The rules of health

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7 months ago

Hello everyone.

Good afternoon to all.

After 5 days,this is @Simu1357 again..

Now i want to discuss about the rules of health.

We all know that health is wealth and it is the root of happiness. But most of the people don’t know how to follow the rules of health.

Today i am gonna show you some ways to follow the rules of health. So lets start now...

Firstly, one should rise up early in the morning. Then he will make him fresh and take some exercise. Next he will take proper food for good health and fruits can play an important role in this regard. He must take food at regular interval. After that he must be conscious about his dress up and all kinds of this clothes will be neat and clean. Finally, he must accustom him with playing, travelling, ridding, gossiping etc..

If you follow those rules,i am sure that you never lost your wealthy health.

Thank you. Hopefully you enjoy it and it will helps you...

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Written by   12
7 months ago
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