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My first dates

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7 months ago

Hello everyone,

This is @Simu1357

Today i gonna tell you abut my first dates,,,

It was 29th February 2020,,which is very special date for all,becouse it comes to us every 4 years letter,

Beside, we fixed this day because we want to make it special, after-all its our first dates😍,

However, on the day,i woke up very late and that was at 10 am..when i woke up, i can see my boyfriend called me 31 times,,on the other hand we fixed 8am for our dates,,so when i saw that he called me 31 times, For this i was Afraid😭,then i call back to my boyfriend, 1st time, he couldnot received my call,,then i again called him,but no reply,,in the 3rd time,he received my call,when i listened his voice, i was automatically crying anf crying,

After few seconds,he told,"its ok,please immediately coming ,i am waiting."

Then i was going there where we want to meet,,,and immediately go there😊,

When i reached,, i was surprised,

#to be continue

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