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Air pollution

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7 months ago

Hello everyone,

This is @Simu1357 again,

Firstly good morning to all.

Today i am gonna tell you about "air pollution "

We all knows that air is the most important element of human environment. Man cannot live a single moment without it.the very existence of living things cannot be though of without air. But this most important element of the environment is polluted in many ways, the polluted air is a serious health hazard. It causes many fatal diseases. By inhaling polluted air main culprit of air pollution. So this smoke should be brought under control and regulated so that it doesn’t get any scope to pollute air. Faulty vehicles shouldn’t be allowed to run on the streets. The license of the vahicles which emit black smoke should be seized and shouldn’t allowed to ply on roads and mills,factories, and industries should be set up in a planned way.

Above all public awareness should raised and increased. The government should also take necessary steps to stop air pollution. Mass media can play a vital role in creating public awareness abd making the people conscious of the health haz ands caused by air pollution.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Air is one of our natural resources. That air pollution is all over the world today. This air pollution is a deadly threat to the nation. Awareness of people all over the world is needed in this regard. However, it is possible to prevent these contaminants.

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6 months ago

Yes we all should take some necessary steps to remove this problem,

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6 months ago

Air pollution is biggest problem for the pepoles, writing skill are good, keep it up

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7 months ago

Air Pollution is the biggest problems for peoples. It's very helpfull article for readcash readers.

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7 months ago