The real reason why dogs wag their tails

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I've always loved dogs and I still am natural. One day I really want a Pomeranian as a dog, they are so cute and small.

Have you ever wondered what it means when dogs wag their tail? I looked this up yesterday, I was always told they do it because they are happy or cheerful.

Have you always thought this about dogs? Then I have bad news for you, because this isn't it.

I will now explain what it is.

Dogs don't wag their tail for joy, but to let stronger animals and people know that they are not contesting their ascendancy.

To subordinate animals it is a sign that they are not dangerous.

It is even said that wolves wag their tails.

I myself have never seen wolves in real life, so I don't know whether this is actually true.

In the first case, wagging is a reassuring signal. In a dog's nest, the mother dog and her young puppies are frantically wagging their tails at each other. Dogs raised by a cat also wag their tail, but less.

If dogs spend too much time with cats in the family from the start, it can sometimes cause them to forget that they are a dog and show more traits and/or behavior of a cat.

A nice feature of this is that dogs, for example, lie with their front legs curled under the body.

But beware, not every dog that wags its tail is trustworthy.

Some dogs send out conflicting signals that are difficult for humans to estimate.

They can also suddenly react with fear when they are approached, for example because of a past in which they have been mistreated. Or they can bite your hand when you want nothing less than to caress them. But this is often due to a past event.

Conclusion: Wagging dogs can bite too

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Topics: Mylife, Animals, Dog, Dogs, To bite, ...