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My WhatsApp Drafts - 2

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2 months ago

This is the continuation of my scrambled writè from the article of My WhatsApp Drafts- 1 , I hope you enjoy the rest òf the story.

Off all the people who were there to charge, that had left and those remaining, the MAN called a single boy number that had charged and left that he should come right away to that shop that a phone was missing 😑.

A scenery that woke almost all the streets was created oo and the man who was called came and they started asking that, "phone ti o wa n nibeyen data?!" The guy was like; Haa Haa, Egbon, was I the only one here ? That you would call only me to come here and defend my name. The Mumu Stupid Idiotic Shop Owner still day rant when her sister came.

To cut long story short and align story,

I was out of danger zone as they check my bag and saw ntin and confirmed I hadn't stood up from there

The guy that was çalled was the main suspect and was being accused of theft ( I don't know why him, maybe he had an history or maybe he and dat man has smtin together)

In short, they called phone...switch off, after like 10 mins or so of heated arguments and slaps and shoving, phone ws called again and it came on and a person replied, I don't know what they said but they hung up . Nxt thing, the phone owner said phone has been found that Case Close ooo ..

Naso the guy way dem call said, over his dead body, that whoever carried that phone should show his face here with the phone. Out of nowhere, the phone owner sister jumped on the guy and shouted, "or else what?"

Naa from here story come day scatter small smallHe was like, u accused me of theft and now sm1 called to have carried the phone and you now saying that, case close, ko jo. That was when the phone owner sister slapped him ( the guy in qst is like BaeU the comedian in size ) , omo...the slap shock us all. The woman didn't stop there and continued to do all those rubbish idiotic woman stunts of rolling her gown, jumping in front of the guy, shoving chest out and all , I swr down, she still day hit the guy and the guy all ready to retaliate was being held back while the woman was still up and fizzy shouting here and there and was like FIGHTING THE GUY .

I want to ask smtin fess, a woman who has her two legs ready and stood firm and doing first attack on a GUY, shouldn't that one be treated as equal and dished beatings of various kinds?

The woman had her way, she hit the guy in the way you so-called women regard "domestic violence" ...YES ,she did all sorts, tore his clothes self and lo and behold, they saw the phone

I no even know who bring am, they sha tlk say dey have found the phone , naso the guy drag phone throw am away say fir here he no go gree

The guy in qst uses two phones: an iPhone, dnt know the model but it has those three camera sha maybe 11 or smtin and an android

The phone owner phone, I naa got to see that it was an android, Techno...she said is the sim that was paining her as it was link to her bank and she had money there

The guy had even said b4 in anger that how much is her phone slf and she said she doesn't want a new one , she wants her exact phone

Let me end it here

Qst way puzzle me : who carry phone? Why e no come bring am out him/herslf ? Why would tat woman attack that guy for demanding to want to know the perosn responsible?

I really do appreciate you for spending your time to read, Do Have A Nice Day Ahead.

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Written by   82
2 months ago
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