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Health Vs Hygiene

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3 months ago

This is another spin-off version of one of my Versus articles like in the case of Nature Vs Nurture, have fun reading.

We all say we are hale, hearthy and healthy but do we have hygiene? Even though both Health and Hygiene work hand in hand, one can have Health and not have Hygiene and one can also have Hygiene and not have Health, although such instances are sometimes rare. We first have to know what Health and Hygiene mean but before I put down the definitions as noted by my dictionary with references to these links; definition of HEALTH and HYGIENE ... in my own words, Health is the present state of well-being of an individual and not just medically but mentally, physically and socially also while Hygiene is the habitual doings/routines or habits of an individual that he or she practices that ensures healthy and good living.

Definitions as stated by my dictionary with references to those above links are;

Health - The state of being free from physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction; wellness.

Hygiene - The science of health, its promotion and preservation. Those conditions and practices that promote and preserve health.

With those, we can jump right into dishing out the main menu of today's article which is Health Vs Hygiene ... I won't be dwelling much or saying lots of points about Health as I have once written an extensive article on it ( i don't know if you have read it or came across it ) as one of my articles here on, you can CLICK HERE to view but i would still be bringing out some points from it. My main focus and talk would be about Hygiene; like the popular saying which goes thus, " You are addressed by how you are dressed" which simply says that we portray our habits and characters by our dresses ... this is how Hygiene also works. Our Hygiene tells a lot of story about our health and wellbeing; a good hygiene is sufficient enough for good health accompanied with good food.

A very good hygiene, be it dental, hair, skin and sorts helps to keep the body(parts) in good check and functioning. Hygiene can simply be likened and related to maintenance, and a regular and good maintenance of tools and machines keeps them in good shape to work and run for a long period of time. Simple hygienic habits that one practices are brushing our teeth twice daily, bathing at least once daily, combing and moisturising of our hair, washing of our hands regularly with soap and running water, taking out refuses, cutting our fingernails and toenails, Cleaning of our ears and so on. Habits like these and more are regarded to be on the external and they contribute a lot to the health of an individual as an hygienic body tends to be free from germs and has a low rate of harbouring germs which in turn leads to sickness.

It would be right to say that a good hygiene leads to good health but a good health doesn't guarantee good hygiene as someone can be healthy and still not practice good hygiene like brushing of their teeth and bathing daily. Exercising regularly and eating good food constitute to good health also in hand with good hygiene and resting well, all these and more can be found in my article on HEALTH though.

In conclusion from these little claims of mine, an healthy living is as important as having a good hygiene and as we would say in Logic ( quote me if I am wrong though) , "If P, then Q" ... "If Q is false, then P is false" meaning "If good hygiene, then good health". Although, this isn't always the case as good hygiene doesn't always guarantee good health as some other factors can come into play like Old Age, Poor feeding, Environmental factors and all sorts but we can still outrightly say that Good Hygiene is sufficient enough to say one has good health.

Good Morning to you all, thanks for reading and for your time, Do Have A Nice Day Ahead.

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Written by   82
3 months ago
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Nowadays, hygiene is very important. Hygiene keeps us away from potential illness and diseases. Be healthy too bro.

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3 months ago