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Effects Of Global Warming

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3 months ago
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There has been observed changes in the climate all over the world and we owe a huge part of this to Global warming. There is a steady increase in the average temperature of the Earth and this isn't good. The melting of the poles and ice glaciers over the world, changing the shape of the earth and its properties. Global warming is the after experience of the increased heating up of the planet on the interior and the exterior by the sun. The Ozone Layer is getting weaker due to being affected by pollutants such as CFCs and the Ozone Layer is a protective layer that reduces the intensity of the radiation of the sun rays getting to the surface of the earth. Heating up of the earth surface increases the average temperature of the planets atmosphere and living tends to become impossible for some plants and some Organisms under increased temperature. Climatic changes also occurs in regions,changing the weather from what it was known to be to another.

We are experiencing global warming right now even if it is at the least, humanity whom see this as a threat to survival have all been joining hands to stop and reduce the growth by strengthening the Ozone Layer through the reduction of air pollutants. The ice caps and poles also melting drives polar animals like the seals and polar bears out of their habitats in search for new homes.

I am kinda having a writers block on this first part of this article but would come back stronger in the second part. I would have to put a stop here as I am writing incoherently and randomly and it looks like it isn't worthy of being an article. Thanks for all you do, Good Morning to you all, do have a nice day ahead.

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Climate change has become one of the major problems for the whole world. Due to frequent climate change we are facing various problems. We are facing many problems due to global warming.

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3 months ago