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Introducing Silent Death Bringers, a Video Game Streaming Clan and NFT Collection on WAX

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3 months ago
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08/25/2021 UPDATE: Soft-launch is back on! There have been some changes due to our whitelisting with NeftyBlocks and AtomicHub. Please see our latest supplemental article after reading this one.

UPDATE: Soft-launch has been delayed. We will provide a new update as soon as we know when we can make it happen. Thank you for your patience!

A good number of years ago, Ceri Cat and TongvaPower (also known as @VideoGameDana) met online and connected over their love for video games. Over the years they became close friends, despite living across the world from each other. Keeping up with the times, they both ended up dabbling in cryptocurrencies, and TongvaPower even went so far as to participate in the NFT community. Both of them stream video games for fun, but neither of them garnered much of a following on Twitch.

Tired of playing to an empty audience, TongvaPower suggested to Ceri Cat: "Hey man! We can turn our clan, Silent Death Bringers, into a brand and create a community around it with both our streaming channels and NFTs that I can do the art for!" Given Ceri Cat is the founder of SDB, he had the final word. Once he agreed, TongvaPower got to work!

The Silent Death Bringers NFT collection will be deployed on WAX. This fits the goal of fostering a community. SDB has affiliates that sell 1-of-1 NFTs, but those type of NFTs don't really fit an environment that includes offering freebies, as well as interactive blends. We are currently working on getting whitelisted on AtomicHub, so blending for our special first release will be done manually. Our special first release will no longer be distributed manually as we have been whitelisted by both NeftyBlocks and AtomicHub! Speaking of our first release:

The Early Bird Supporter Lucky 13 NFT, SDB's first special NFT that gives HODLers a chance at the lowest-mint basic packs from ALL future releases. Limited to 1,000 mints.

Early Bird Supporter Lucky 13 (Cost: 2,000 DU$T):

The Early Bird Supporter Lucky 13 NFT is a special NFT that gives HODLers a chance at the first 13 mints from every basic pack for THE ENTIRE LIFE OF THE COLLECTION. It will be limited to 1000 mints. The way it works is before each new NFT release, we will add the wallets of HODLers of this NFT to a Wheel of Names. Each copy of this NFT held will add an entry to the wheel for each wallet. So if one wallet owns all 1000 copies (or all existing copies in case of burns and/or it not selling-out), then that wallet will get the first 13 mints of each basic pack from all releases. If a wallet has three copies of this NFT, then that wallet gets three entries on the wheel. During the wheel spin, winning entries will be removed from the wheel, so it pays to own multiple copies! Spins will go in order from mint 1 all the way to mint 13. On top of all of this, pack-opening will be open for 24 hours before the packs go on sale. This means the winners of the first 13 pack mints will have a 24-hour head-start to open their packs and get the lowest-mint NFTs! The concept of this special NFT is to thank supporters who stick with Silent Death Bringers from the very beginning.

SDB Color Promo (Cost: 500 DU$T):

Don't have 2,000 DU$T to drop on the Early Bird NFT? No worries! You can pick up our SDB Color Promo NFT for only 500 DU$T. You would not only be supporting us and adding a sweet NFT to your collection, but if you get four of them, you can trade blend them in for the Early Bird NFT! That's right! There is more than one way to acquire the big mamma-jamma. 4 SDB Color Promo NFTs = 1 Early Bird Supporter Lucky 13 NFT! Of course all of this is only while supplies last. The Early Bird NFT has a max mint of 1,000, but also the SDB Color Promo NFT will cease minting after the last Early Bird NFT has been minted!

SDB Color Promo - Blend four of these for one Early Bird Supporter Lucky 13 (while supplies last)!

SDB Sketch Promo (Cost: 125 DU$T):

Not ready to take the big plunge, but still want one of our cool NFTs in your collection? Have no fear, as our very affordable SDB Sketch Promo NFT will be available for the low price of only 125 DU$T. The sketch is step one in TongvaPower's art process. Don't care about that? Well how about this: If you manage to obtain four of these Sketch Promo NFTs, you can trade blend them in for one Color Promo NFT (while supplies last)! 4 SDB Sketch Promo NFTs = 1 SDB Color Promo NFT! Like the SDB Color Promo, the SDB Sketch Promo will cease minting after the last Early Bird NFT has been minted.

SDB Sketch Promo - Trade four of these for one SDB Color Promo (while supplies last)!

Early Bird Pack (Cost: 1,000 DU$T):

Like leaving everything to chance? The Early Bird Pack might be what you're looking for. Given Silent Death Bringers isn't yet whitelisted on AtomicHub, we can't yet use NeftyBlocks to make openable/resellable pack NFTs. For that reason, Early Bird Packs will be self-opening. Here is how it will work:

The packs will start off with an initial odds, which are as follows:

  • SDB Sketch Promo - 75%

  • SDB Color Promo - 20%

  • Early Bird Supporter Lucky 13 - 5%

The NFTs you get from a pack will be determined via a Wheel of Names. It will look like this:

Early Bird Pack Wheel of Names

Each pack gets a total of four spins. If a Sketch NFT is chosen, that particular Sketch NFT will be removed from the wheel. Color NFTs and the Early Bird NFT will NOT be removed when chosen! This means that it is possible to get FOUR Early Bird NFTs from one pack! That's a savings of 7,000 DU$T! Even if you get four Color NFTs, you would be saving 1,000 DU$T. Of course, it is possible to be unlucky and only get Sketch NFTs. This is why in the case of four Sketch NFTs being chosen in a row, a 5th spin will take place, giving you an extra chance at getting an Early Bird NFT! Keep in mind that these packs will only be available until the Early Bird Supporter Lucky 13 mints get down to four remaining. This is to make up for the fact that it is possible to get four of them from one pack.

You may have noticed that all of our prices are in DU$T. That is not an accident. DU$T is geared towards community engagement, which is exactly what we wish to foster. We like WAX just fine, but we also feel that by exclusively asking for DU$T, we can help improve the value of DU$T, indirectly improving engagement. We also hope to operate our very own DU$T mine, sooner rather than later.

So what about freebies? We will be soft-launching the collection on August 26, 2021 at 4:20 PM Pacific Time (please read this article for relevant updates). (Update: Soft-launch has been delayed.) This means that the NFTs won't be available to give away until then. However, giveaways will come in many different forms. Some will be given away here on this site. Others will be given away in our Telegram. We even plan on holding giveaways for those who participate in chat during our Twitch streams! Who knows? Twitter will be another place to lookout for freebies. We're toying with the idea of Facebook and Instagram.

If you have gotten this far, then it's safe to say you're genuinely interested in our project. Please give our website a look-see. You will find all relevant links there. Our Telegram is probably the best place to look for anything new, but again, we can pop up just about anywhere! These three NFTs are just the beginning, and we hope to get whitelisted on AtomicHub before we introduce more so that we can use Nefty packs. But be on the look-out for sneak-peeks!

UPDATE: We just wanted to reiterate that there have been some changes, and to get fully up-to-date, please refer to this supplemental update article.

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3 months ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, DU$T, Dust, Twitch, ...
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