The strangest animals on earth you won't believe they exist

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Animals are a big world bigger than we can imagine, and there are many different types of them on the planet. The strange shaped organisms that fill our world.


It is a type of mammal, somewhat like a pig, and feeds on herbs. The tapir lives in the depths of forests and near the water, which loves to swim in it. It feeds on small twigs, leaves and shrubs, as well as fruits and other plants. Tapirs spend a lot of time in water and mud. They are shy animals, live alone or in small groups, and are considered a rare endangered animal.

Naked mole rat

It is a type of 30 different types of mole rats, and it lives in colonies such as ants and bees led by the queen, where the queen plays her role in the process of reproduction and raising children, and the rest dig tunnels using the teeth, in order to search for food and feed their colony, and interestingly, these mice do not You get cancer and researchers are doing some research to find out why.

leafy sea dragon

To some extent, this animal resembles a seahorse, and this shallow-water resident is distinguished by its ability to disguise itself with leaf-shaped protuberances.

spotted whale

Also known as dates, this whale lives in the Arctic all its life, and the male is distinguished by its long fangs that can reach three meters. This whale was first identified in the Canadian Arctic and rarely in Greenland waters. In winter, this predator feeds on deep prey, and flatfish is often one of its victims, as it dives 1,500 meters under the surface of the water in search of it.

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