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Joshua is 7 years old. He lives in Berlin, Germany. He is very sick. He cannot go to school. Joshua has serious problems with his lungs. He has a tube in his neck. He must stay at home.

A special robot sits in his place at school. The robot has a light on its head. The light turns on and off when Joshua needs something. The boy’s teacher and friends can talk to him. It is very important for Joshua. He can still be a part of the class.

There are other similar robots. They are great for when a child cannot go to school. Then the child does not feel as alone.

A 7-year-old German boy cannot go to school, but he can still see what is happening there, and he can talk to his friends.

The boy named Joshua is very sick, and he wears a tube in his neck. A special robot sits in Joshua’s place in class, and he talks with the others for the boy. When Joshua wants to say something, he sends a signal to the robot, which has a light on its head. The light starts to blink, and the teacher knows that Joshua is going to say something.

A local council in Berlin paid for the robot, and it has happened before. Sometimes, children cannot go to classes, so such robots help them be a part of the school, and be in contact with their friends.

7-year-old German student Joshua Martinangeli is too ill to attend classes; however, he can still interact with his teacher and classmates through an avatar robot that sits in class in his place.

Joshua cannot attend classes because he wears a tube in his neck due to a severe lung disease; however, his classmates can talk to him, laugh with him, and sometimes even chit chat or talk informally with him during a lesson. Joshua can get attention from the class by sending a white blinking signal to the robot’s head.

A local council in a Berlin’s district paid for the avatar project, and then robot came from Norway’s company No Isolation. For various reasons, sometimes a child cannot go to class in person, and the avatar gives that child a chance to be part of the school community.

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