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A US company builds a special house. The house is from concrete. It is not from bricks. A 3D printer makes the house. The house is in New York State. It is a demo house. It means that nobody lives in it. People can come and look at it.

The house is 180 square meters large. The printer makes it in two days. Some people like it. Some people do not like it very much.

Older people prefer the usual way of building homes. Young people know 3D printers. They like this idea more.

3D printers use concrete. Concrete is a usual material for building. It is possible that houses from 3D printers will be a normal thing in the future.

A company made an unusual house. The house was from concrete, but a big 3D printer made it.

The house was a demo house and the company built it in Calverton, New York, US. The house was 180 square meters large, and it took 48 hours to print it. When the concrete dried, builders made a roof, and then they finished the inside of the house.

People´s reactions were positive and negative, too. The director of the company said that some people were not ready for such a different way of building houses. Older people and businessmen did not know anything about 3D printing and it was all new for them. Younger people, who knew 3D printing, usually liked the house.

Some people believe that building houses with the help of 3D printers will be more usual in the 

Most homes are built block by block or brick by brick. However, a demo house in Calverton, New York, US, was constructed scan by scan with walls made using a giant 3D printer.

The house is 180 square meters with a total print time of 48 hours. After the concrete was set up and dry enough, the truss roof system was installed, and then, the interior was finished.

The company is building a near-identical home which is on the market for 299,000 dollars, and the feedback that they get is both positive and negative. According to the company´s director, people are simply unprepared for how construction of homes is going to change. Younger people know 3D printing and it´s a great thing for them. However, some older tradesmen and gentlemen in the field don´t know what 3D printing is and how a house can be made on a 3D printer.

3D printing is a viable way to build because concrete is used which is abundant and used every day all over the world.

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