People look for diamonds

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A man from South Africa finds special stones in a field. The stones look like crystals. The man thinks that the stones are diamonds.

The man speaks to other people in his village. More than a thousand people run to the field. They look for the stones. They hope that they will find them. They want to be rich. They say that crime will stop.

Authorities worry about the situation. Some people start selling the stones. Nobody knows if they are diamonds. Experts must come and study the stones.

Difficult words: crystal (a piece of stone or metal

A man found stones which looked like crystals in the ground near a village in South Africa.

The man told other people about the discovery, and more than a thousand people rushed to the field. They wanted to find some stones, too. They said that it could help solve their problems with money and crime.

Local authorities asked geologists and other experts to come and study the stones. It was not clear yet if the stones were real diamonds, but some people already started selling them. Authorities asked people to leave the field and let experts do their work. They shared a video on social media, and they called the situation a ´diamond rush´.

More than a thousand of treasure seekers raced to KwaHlathi village in South Africa, seeking their fortune in the soil.

The influx came after a man dug up crystal-like stones in an open field, and he spread the word of the discovery. The provincial government shared a video on social media, expressing concerns of what is called a ´diamond rush´. They said that illegal mining activity was taking place at KwaHlathi outside Ladysmith.

The stones haven´t been analyzed by geological experts yet, and authorities have asked people onsite to leave so that a proper investigation could be carried out. However, the lack of clarity around identification of the stones isn´t deterring some people from selling them.

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