Nigeria School Attack

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A group of men attack a school in Nigeria. The men have guns. They search all the buildings. They take at least 317 girls away. The girls must go into a forest.

More attacks on schools happen in the country. Attackers take 344 students in December 2020. The students are free one week later.

Another attack happens last week. Attackers take 42 people. The situation in Nigeria is very bad. People are not safe. Children have a lot of mental problems after the attack.

Nigeria has a new president in 2015. The situation is worse since 2015. The president does not comment about the attack.

A group of men with guns attacked a school in northern Nigeria. The men searched the buildings, chose at least 317 girls, and herded them into a forest.

Officials did not comment on the attack, but it was the fourth attack on a school since 2015, when the new president was elected. In December 2020, attackers took 344 students which they later released. Another attack happened in central Niger last week, when attackers took 42 people.

These attacks show that security in the country is very bad and that children in Nigeria are not safe. It is a very horrible experience for children who can have mental problems long after the attack.

Armed men seized at least 317 girls from a high school in northern Nigeria. The gunmen had searched staff quarters and hostels to choose victims who they then herded into a forest.

It was the latest in a string of abductions that show how bad national security is and a gross violation of children´s rights. Such a horrific experience has a long-lasting effect on their mental health and well-being.

Nigeria´s presidency hasn´t commented on the attack yet; however, it´s the fourth mass school abduction since President Buhari was first elected in 2015. About 42 people, including 27 students, were kidnapped in the central Niger state last week. The incident followed a similar attack on another school in December when 344 pupils were taken and released within a week.

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