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It is Friday morning. A special vehicle travels on a California, USA, large road. The vehicle is full of bags of money. One of the doors suddenly opens. Some bags fall onto the road. There is money everywhere.

Other drivers see the money. They stop. They quickly get the money. Their cars block the road. Other cars must stop, too. They cannot move for two hours.

California officials must learn what happens. The FBI helps them. People must bring the money to the officials. The police have many videos. They know who these people are.

On Friday morning, an armored vehicle was carrying bags full of money on a California, USA, highway. Suddenly, one of the doors opened, and some bags fell onto the road.

One and twenty-dollar bills covered the road, and drivers immediately stopped when they saw the money to grab it. Their cars blocked the road, and traffic completely stopped for two hours.

California officials asked these people to return the money. There were many videos of the event, and it was not difficult to find these people.

Drivers in Southern California, USA, scrambled to grab cash after bags of money fell out of an armored vehicle on a highway.

Several bags opened after one of the vehicle’s doors popped open, spreading mostly one and twenty-dollar bills all over the lanes. People stopped in the lanes, completely blocked them, and grabbed the cash, bringing the highway to a sudden stop. The incident happened on Friday morning, and traffic came to a standstill for two hours.

A California Highway Patrol (CHP) spokesperson said that they were working with the FBI, and they suggested that the people return the cash to the CHP office immediately because they were going to find these people.

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