Learning While You Sleep

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Learning during sleep is not just a joke or humor that some people say for the sake of laughter, but it is a fact proven by modern science. And the method of recitation that the teacher follows while you sleep, it is worth reading. Let us explain it more accurately, by reviewing some of the experiments carried out by scientists.

  • A new language learning experiment

Some scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Germany conducted an experiment on a group of Germans who were asked to learn some Dutch words, simple and basic words in the language, then the scientists asked that group to go to sleep in two groups without giving any reasons for that, and during sleep they exposed a group them to hear an audio recording of those words, while the other group did not. When both groups were tested on these words, the scientists found that the group that was exposed to hearing the words while asleep was more able to understand and translate them

than the other group. And with the re-experiment with attaching a third group listening to the words, but with their practice of walking and eating, the result was in favor of the hypnotized, as they obtained greater results in translating and memorizing the words, while the third group could not remember the words at all, and the same for the second group. The result of the experiment was that the sense of hearing and recording within the memory is active during sleep, with which some information can be recorded and stored in the memory center, so that it becomes solid information that is difficult to forget, unlike other information that you can listen to while practicing your daily life or even while studying and learning.

  • Playing musical melodies

Another skill that scientists have proven that you can learn while sleeping, is memorizing musical melodies, by having two groups of volunteers learn to play a piece of music on the guitar, and after a long nap, the scientists asked both groups to re-play the piece, and they found that there was a group that excelled While the others could hardly remember the melody, the volunteers who were able to play were not aware that they had undergone melody hearing while sleeping, unlike their colleagues.

  • Stimulating memory during sleep

, the scientists asked the volunteers to practice some commands on the computer and attached a melody to a command. When the volunteers executed the command, the melody was released, but the other commands continued without any melodies. And the volunteers were asked to take a nap while dividing them into two groups. One of the two groups heard the melody while sleeping. While the other did not hear it, and when they woke up, they asked the volunteers about those commands that were previously executed. The team listening to the melody answered that it knew an order from them, while the other team had lost all commands from its memory. The scientific explanation for what is happening in the brain. Scientists called the stage of quiet sleep "slow sleep", which is the stage in which the memory moves from the stage of temporary storage to the stage of permanent storage. This process occurs in the human frontal lobe. Scientists have noticed that this stage is the most suitable for receiving information and skills Where memory deposits it in permanent memory, not temporary. The study also proved that quiet and restful sleep is beneficial for students in academic achievement, especially on exam days, as it helps them to have more control over memory and learning, unlike students who are subjected to restless sleep

  • How many hours of sleep is needed for brain activity?

The University of California conducted some research to reach the number of hours of sleep that is best for humans, after it was believed for many years that sleeping for eight hours is the ideal sleep for human health, but the experiment came to report the error of this belief and prove that people who sleep eight hours a day are more likely to die in Younger age than those who sleep for shorter periods, as the experiment demonstrated a clear relationship between the high death rate and long periods of sleep, and the experiment also proved that sleeping for four hours or less is a very dangerous matter that exposes the owner to early death, and in the end the experiment concluded that the number of hours of sleep The ideal and healthy for the human body is 6 to 7 hours.

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