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9 months ago

In the world of the Internet there are people I feel very comfortable with, I love them very much, and I hope that I will be lucky to get to know them and meet them face to face.

People who make me very happy, give me hope and love.

Someone I have known for years, I read everything he writes on his blog, I rarely comment on what he writes but I really enjoy what he posts..

He is many years older than me, maybe 15 or 20, but his posts touch something in my heart, sometimes his posts are very, very simple like putting a picture of the end of a cartoon story from a duck or Mickey magazine..

Sometimes he puts on a very old song and writes his story with it when he watched the video, and always, as always, I feel wonderful and beautiful.

my teacher Yazid; I really hope to have the honor of meeting you and hearing from you.

For me and for many who do not know you, you are a great person and you deserve all our thanks and pride as well.

Thanks for reading my article

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