Dirty Money

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A man works in a car repair shop. The shop is in Georgia, US. The man leaves his job. His boss does not pay him the last wages.

The man´s boss does not speak to the man. He must pay him 915 dollars. He does not want to do it. The man asks officials for help.

The man and his girlfriend are leaving their house one day. They see something on the ground in front of the house. It is money. It is a lot of coins. There are about 90,000 coins. There is a message from the man´s boss.

A lot of oil is on the money. The man must clean the money. He cleans the money every night. He can clean several hundred coins in 90 minutes. He can use only clean money in shops.

Andreas Flaten worked in a car repair shop in Georgia, US. He left the company in November 2020, but his boss did not pay him the last wages.

Flaten´s boss owed him 915 dollars and Flaten asked officials for help because he did not know what to do. His boss did not speak to him at all.

One day in March 2021, Flaten and his girlfriend saw a pile of coins in front of their house. There was an envelope with the paycheck and a rude message. There were about 90,000 coins and they were all dirty. It seemed that there was oil on them.

Now, Flaten works hard to clean the coins and then, he will be able to use the money. It takes him 90 minutes to clean several hundred coins.

Andreas Flaten left his job at A OK Walker Autoworks in Georgia, US, in November 2020; however, he had difficulty getting his final paycheck.

Flaten asked his former employer to pay 915 dollars that he was owed in wages, and he even turned to the Georgia Department of Labor for help.

In mid-March 2021, Flaten was leaving his house with his girlfriend and he noticed a pile of pennies that were left at the end of his driveway. The 90,000 coins were covered with an oily substance and there was an envelope containing his final pay slip and an explicit parting message.

Flaten´s nightly routine now consists of cleaning the pennies, so that he can cash them in. The man said that it had taken him about 90 minutes to clean several hundred coins.

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